Sunday, June 05, 2011

A NearMap view of a Richmond block

So what is going on here then? Ah, top right is DTs Hotel, a gay venue for more than ten years but now for sale including the freehold. It is Molly's local and favourite watering hole. But what is under the blue tarps in Cameron Street? You will probably have to click to see the larger view.

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  1. There were so many tarps, I got totally confused.The ones on Cameron street look green to me (or maybe I am looking at the wrong thing).

  2. Ad Rad, a greenie blue, yes. Houses for the new series of The Block.

    See above Fen.

  3. Aha...I saw them filming at the Camberwell markets the weekend before I left Melbourne. Scott Cam looks quite handsome in real life (and much 'fitter'-looking)...TV really does add extra pounds to the frame.

  4. I quite like him Ad Rad. We were discussing Warne the other day and thought he quite suits being on the heavy side, rather than his thinner self now. Same goes for Scott I think.