Monday, June 27, 2011


Myki tickets, electronic stored value public transport tickets, will pretty well be the only ticket for our metropolitan public transport by the end of next year. Who knows why it will take that long. The sooner the better in my opinion. It is proposed that tickets won't be available to buy at all on trams. This is quite a concern to me, but should it be?

I cast my mind to when we have travelled when on holidays in the last decade and what we did when using public transport in strange cities or country. We have used trains, trams, ferries and buses. What we did was find out first about tickets well before we wanted to travel. In fact I mostly did it before we left home. Just as well as I did for England. The train trip from London to the north east cost us £14 each. Had we booked once we were there, it would have been around £90 each.

It really wasn't hard to find out in advance and often a decent saving could be made with a little knowledge of the system that operates wherever you are going.

The only exceptions were using the local bus when we were in our friend's town in northern Japan and when using local buses in Newcastle in England. In both cases we had local people with us to advise and so did not bother finding out in advance.

So really, I think it is not so hard to be prepared for travel by buying a ticket before you get on a tram. Myki tickets will be available at railway stations and I assume on buses and there are decent savings to be made by using a Myki rather than the old Metcard.

I also assume off vehicle methods for buying a Myki ticket will be wide spread, such as the outlets where you can buy a Metcard and vending machines.

But don't we always have to cater for the lowest common denominator.


  1. I'm always amazed at the difference in pricing. 14 to 90 - that would have hurt! As a country girl I must say I find going back to the city is usually more nerve wracking pre trip than when I'm there - there's always a way.

  2. Myki - wonderful in concept (and I have come to love it) but totally farked up in its implementation.

    Better than the TOTAL idiocy of not being able to buy a Metcard on the trams if you only have notes

    How antediluvian is/was that!

  3. Clearly I'm one of the LCD. Or an antediluvian philistine ... because I think visitors should find it easy to visit a new place, not have to do a whole bunch of research on bureaucratic websites that assume local knowledge - if the Vic website is anything like the Qld one, you'd be none the wiser after a visit anyway!!

  4. Cheryl, the price difference is not something we strike in Australia. I only get stressed if I am driving in a strange city. Otherwise, I can cope with the rest.

    Farked up intro is a fair call LS. One reason that wasn't why you could not buy tickets with notes was that the machines weren't capable of taking them. They were.

    Hehe Red. Here all you have to do is go into a newsagent or 711 or similar and buy a ticket. Better still, ask a friend who lives there first.