Monday, June 27, 2011

Matters tech

I mentioned that my new phone was chewing through my data allowance and running the battery down in couple of days, even if the phone wasn't used. I tried process of elimination, but I wasn't getting very far.

I am just not so interested in playing with this new phone. I used to love the learning a new phone experience, even though at times it was frustrating. However, eventually I did sit down and play and there we go, a setting that says 'running apps', and there were all these things running in the background, tracking my path around the city and switching on Wifi as it suited. Damn that. I shut them all down, and lo and behold, almost no data consumption and the battery is lasting for days now. If I use an app that switches some background activity on, I switch it off after I have finished using the app.

Those in know will know about rooting your phone. This is clearly an American expression as the phrase 'rooting your phone' gives Australians a particularly interesting mental image. As our American friends root for a team, here that would be an orgy. Rooting your phone means that you can get control of what it does and what appears on your screen. I can't be bothered rooting my phone. It must be an age thing. My new phone just does not excite me. I find it boring to even play with my new phone, let alone root it.

The big kahuna, the desktop pc, the one I use all the time is getting a little tired. Windows reload would sort it out, but oh, reinstalling everything, backing up everything, hours spent. Can I avoid that? I could just buy a new computer, not so expensive now and transfer from the old one if it can be picked up as a drive. I don't know. I could get an external hard drive and transfer stuff to that, and then back again to the new one. A Windows reload might be easier. What I have done is remove about 30gb of 'movies' to dvds, movies I will never watch again I suppose, and that has improved things.

And then there is the laptop. During the day, when it is not used, the internet connection via the dongle is not too bad, but at night time when R likes to sit in front of the tv and peruse property sites, it is bad. Hey, we have cable internet. Why can't we send that to the laptop wireless? We can. Telstra shop shuffled us to phoning Telstra. Phone Telstra who shuffled us back to the shop.

From what I can see, all we need is a wireless router. As mentioned, we visited the Telstra shop and Dick Smith Electronics in town on Saturday afternoon. They were mega busy, both had loud music playing. I want to go home. I might just go to Office Works where they don't have loud music, at least. If I get the right person with good knowledge, one who can indulge a less than tech savvy old man, I will be happy.

Now wireless routers are interesting devices. I have never experienced them, but they seem to cause a lot of botheration too.

Why oh why can't I find the motivation to indulge some young people, some tech savvy young people. All my friends know less than I do. Note to self, in the next life, mix with people younger than oneself. But then someone senior to myself pointed out that you can use your phone as a modem for a laptop. Lordy, it does your head in.

On the plus tech side, R finally Skyped. He Skyped his youngest sister in the north of England. Much good came out of that, not.

R expects me to be able sort all these tech things out, but it ain't easy. Does me 'ead it does. But then I think back to early days of computers and electronic devices, and they are so much better now.


  1. Go check out MLN Computers (there's a store in Richmond), bought our router and laptop from them, no issues with either (except when the offspring left the lappy open and the cat peed on it but that's another story).
    They're cheap and straight forward, wireless router was easy for even me to set up, one phone call to tech support to sort a tiny oversight on my part and done.

  2. Think the answer to your technical issues is simple. Just ask Little Jo. She'll fix it in a trice.

    As soon as she gets back from the Mylie Cyrus concert.

  3. Yes, there should be one young child resident in every suburban street principally to provide computer and IT support for all the neighbours.

    The Government should do something about it.


  4. aw I could rebuild your computer and sort out your router, easy peasy.
    I'm giving my Dad my desktop, I haven't turned it on in months, it's gathering dust.

  5. Cheers Jayne. The have a branch near Vic Market which is easy for me to get to with one tram.

    Mylie what LS?

    Care needs to be taken Victor. Too young and they can make it worse. You really need an eighteen year old nerdy type. Hmmmm.

    Really Fen? I am full of admiration. Wait for the call. At my age I always go for the easiest.

  6. Yeh it's not that hard, it's the reloading of stuff that takes the longest. Especially when you discover you don't have original disks etc, or your internet connection is slooooow.

  7. Fen, yes, the reloading and getting things to how you like them is the hardest part.