Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lighting your life

It is pointless asking any of you about your oldest light bulb that still works. With a couple of exceptions, you all keep moving and don't stay long enough anywhere to have a long time light bulb. Maybe Jah Teh has a really old bulb?

The light bulb in the toilet of my grandparents house lasted twenty two years, until the house was sold, and for all I know it could still be working.

But that is a pretty poor competitor in the long life light bulb stakes. The prize goes to the light bulb in Livermore's Fire Station in the US. The light has been burning pretty well constantly for 110 years.

You can watch it burn via a webcam. I have included a still for you, but it is much better to go to the webcam site to capture the true magic. Books have been written about it. It has its own Facebook site. Mythbusters has looked at it and it is in the Guiness Book of Records. Snopes is happy with the record.

There is countdown clock and as I type there are 2 days, 16 hours, 5 minutes and 28 seconds to go until the bulb reaches it 110th anniversary.

I so wish I could attend the celebrations. There is cake, icecream, balloons and music! Souveniers will be for sale and the book authors will do signings.

It will be a party like none you have ever seen.

The website is here and below is a photo of the esteemed bulb.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Is this what they call a lightbulb moment?!!!

    Well, perhaps not if it has been going on for over a century. Fascinating.

  2. Droll J&L. Don't you wish you were there for the party? (PS, I need to have a good look at your blog and not just read the latest post)

  3. How cool is that! You know those new energy saver ones are crappy! We have had about ten of them blow in the year and a bit we have lived here.. and, we are very careful with our useage and all around here.

  4. Interesting Cazzie. They are supposed to have a long life. We don't have any of the normal energy saving ones, bad that we are, but we did have a couple of duds in the past.

  5. We have a Betty Blockbuster 100 watt globe in the dunny which has never failed us.

    Thanks Reg Livermore.

  6. 100 watts!!! Lugxury.

  7. They don't make globes like they used to that's for sure! The newer energy saver ones I buy say 2000 hours on the box, which sounds like a lot, but divide that by 24 and it's only 83 days. That's not even 3 months. Of course my light isn't on for 24 hours a day so I get a little longer out of it, but still, 3-6 months is nothing. When I first moved in here the old globes were still working well and lasted a long long time. The fluorescents in the kitchen I only had to change last year for the first time! Where oh where can I find globes that last.

  8. I have never done the calculations River. 2000 sounds a lot, but not if you think about it. I stocked up on normal light globes before they were banned. I will suggest that high brand name light globes don't necessarily do any better than cheapies.