Monday, June 06, 2011

Household Tasks

You may be interested at how R and I divide up the household tasks. No? Never mind. Read on if you will.

Coooking: R. I cook once in a blue moon and then only special things. If he is fed up with cooking, he has only to say so and we go out or get take away.

Cleaning up after cooking: Me mostly. Although if R has had a day off and I have worked, as well as cooking he usually cleans up too.

Washing: My department. I wash, dry and fold. R washes his own bedding though.

Ironing: We each do our own.

Dusting, bathroom cleaning and hard floor cleaning: R, however I do clean my own shower.

Vacuuming: Me

Window, mirror and picture cleaning: Me, I have a sharp eye for a smear.

Skirting boards and the rare cobweb: Me

Flowers and indoor plants: R

Outdoor plants: Me

Balcony, barbeque and gas bottle replacement, and exterior air con cleaning: Me

Light fitting cleaning, internal air con cleaning, lamp cleaning and lamp bulb replacement, range hood and dishwasher and washing machine cleaning: Me

Stove cleaning: Me

Fridge cleaning: R

Tech machine maintenance: Me

Finances: Now, entirely me, but it wasn't always so. Things changed and the role naturally fell to me.

Tattslotto: Same numbers for three decades have not been productive. R's job.

Shopping: R, although I help if I am not working on Saturday and I sometimes buy bits and pieces in between.

It works out fairly evenly and it is not something we have ever really discussed. Each task fell to the one who the task suited, had the time at the right time of the day or who did it best.

About the only thing we disagree on is who answers the phone, and we can do a right back and forth on that. In the meantime the phone rings out.

There was one time though about the oven. R said it needed cleaning. I said, I only just did it not long ago. He said, you are doubting what I am saying? I wasn't really, and it did need cleaning, but it wasn't long since I had cleaned the oven. But of course you never complain about anything that happens in the cooking process if you want the cooking to continue.

Late edit: I left out the loading and unloading the dishwasher. There are no rules. We both do it, as suits.


  1. Looks like you have the chores divided rather equitably. I our household, I do most of the cooking, look after the plants and clean the bathroom/toilet. Nathan does most of the vacuuming and dusting. We try to take turns with the washing but I've discovered that Nathan usually ends up doing it all because he is much more anal about mixing certain clothes and colours than I (plus, I don't do any ironing...biologists generally don't wear business shirts to work).

  2. That's it Ad Rad. I am very particular about washing. Colours, mixing, and minimal energy for drying. I know how to wash clothes. I have had 30 plus years of experience. Like you, I do minimal ironing. I iron casual shirts for wearing out. R irons everything that is his plus tea towels.

  3. It sounds pretty balanced, and I enjoyed reading your divisions. Things are pretty fair here too. It's funny. On some days I feel Tim does more of the work, and I feel guilty. For example, he'll cook and then clean the dishes after ward...although I'll usually help a little.

    Then there's other days where I feel I'm doing my share of work and I get annoyed.

  4. Anonymous4:16 am

    We always let the phone go through to the machine, that way no-one has to answer it.

  5. My next door neighbour resigned from his job last year and has stayed home ever since while his wife goes out to work. He whinges to me that his wife won't do any cooking, cleaning or washing while he stays home all day and does "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING" then expects the wife to do everything when she comes home from work. I find this selfish and lazy and i tell him so and he doesn't like it. What are your views on this :-).

  6. Sounds pretty equitable Dina. I think everyone occasionally feels that they are doing more.

    Less of an issue now Scott, as we get so few phone calls and caller id plus answer machine screens it all.

    So so wrong Windsmoke. I worked with a woman who worked full time while her husband sat at home and did nothing. She had to cook, clean, wash, shop and look after kids.

  7. Hi Andrew

    An Enterprise Agreement to be proud of indeed.

    In our household it's Barney. We are light years from regarding him as anything other than an ungrateful waif, despite his 'success' in the wider world.

    In any case, The Question Why and I are still arguing over the Crispian Principle - whether or not dust really does stop accumulating after four years.



  8. Dammit I do everything ;)
    Lazy cat.

  9. Pants, trouble your brains no longer. I know the Crispian Principle is wrong. It does get worse and it sets.

    That is fair Fen. There is only you to make a place messy or dirty.

  10. I am so glad you shared that Andrew. I wish I had read it while I was researching and writing my homosexual/heterosexual family essay though.

    As a rule, heterosexuals might be able to procreate without too much trouble, but other than that if we insisting on reaping the hegemonic dividend at the expense of all other genders (because there are more than just 2: some societies recognise 7) we might just be writing ourselves out of the history books.

    I learnt how very much better homosexuals are at parenting, predominantly because they do not subscribe to hegemonic gender identities and the concomitant roles. They bring up children who are usually either equivalently or better adapted than children brought up families with distinct modelling of heterosexual roles, even despite all the opposition they have to contend with.

    It seems like many of your blog-friends are rather progressive, thank heavens. Of course we don't have to ask who is the least effectual type of parent, or what gender is most abusive to their children, and how strangely, as the least productive member in the domestic sphere, needs to assert themselves so aggressively in the legislative, religious and social arenas. And decide what genders can marry and which ones cannot...

    No offense to the hetero males out there ...

    I'm sure there are many who are thoughful and kind.

    Sorry for the essay ... You can delete it if you like. I don't mind.


  11. I like muchly P&C. I suppose I attract like minded readers to my blog. I do like your last large paragraph.