Monday, June 06, 2011

Get the camera out

Getting the camera out is what I would do. History needs to be recorded. Bugger the dead and maimed.

However, it does strike me as very odd that some bystanders at where a tram collision took place had an immediate instinct to climb on board the trams and fake injuries. Where does such an instinct come from?

Takes my mind back to when some Australian Greeks and Italians used to fake car accident injuries, or even stage car accidents.

Memphis, Tennessee (0ne thing you can always be sure about, spell checkers will get American place names right).

Clearly the trolley did not go 'ding, ding, ding' loudly enough.

In what one MATA spokeswoman deemed a "disturbing aspect" of Wednesday's trolley collision at Main and Auction are witnesses' claims that bystanders attempted to board the trolley and fake injuries after the crash.

Spokeswoman Allison Burton said witnesses saw at least eight people run at the trolleys following the wreck.

Onboard security personnel asked onlookers to stay back, said Burton, but the door of the second trolley was forced open from the west side and at least two people climbed in, witnesses said.

MATA workers who were some of the first responders after the crash told Burton they saw a man and woman "really trying to be a part" of the accident.


  1. I really don't get the criminal mindset. But then I'm not a criminal. Mostly. ;)

  2. Me either really Foxy. I might not be pure, but I don't kick in instinctively like that.