Saturday, June 25, 2011

A friend dances

Malaysia is an awful country. Its people are terribly repressed.....well, not quite. What it may appear to be to us foreigners is not necessarily how it really is for its non hard core muslims.

Friend is stretching it a bit, but we have met Lawrence several times and enjoyed his company and he has offered to guide us should we ever visit Malaysia. He used to judge a very popular television talent show, but it seems now he has taken to performing in them. I knew he was around fifty years old but I had never see him with his shirt off. I am impressed. Shirt off is in the second vid.


  1. Can I just say that I had a weird-arse dream where you paid for me and my eldest to have trips on fishing boats in Port Phillip Bay?
    Ok, I won't mention a thing :P

  2. Hello Andrew:
    Lead us to him!! Such energy, such vitality, such a figure! A 'Champion' indeed.

    And, dear Andrew, are you a talent scout??

  3. All I can say is avoid Starbucks in the main hotel/shopping areas in Bukit Bintang...enuff said.

  4. Jayne, did I make sure you had a paddle?

    He is good J&L. I was impressed. I may have scouted talent of sorts once or twice in my life, but not the type that performs on stage.

    I think I need to enquire about Starbucks Mc.

  5. Andrew, there were large red-coloured fish at one stage that were "previously considered endangered" ....

  6. Lawrence is awesome!

    I love his dancing.

    How did you meet him?

  7. At 4am, on night shift, all I can say is WOW! You made my break worthwhile.. watching this guy dance his booty!

  8. Sounds rather vivid Jayne.

    Friend of a friend Dina. We liked him because he is just a terribly nice guy.

    Oh Cazzie, no impure thoughts at 4am I hope. I hope your working night was boring.

  9. aaw bless him and his smiling face & his attempt at boob shimmying!

  10. Fen, he reminds me a bit of Gok.