Friday, June 17, 2011

Dropping like flies

One friend is in hospital recovering from kidney stone removal.

Another friend has had to postpone his trip to the Netherlands for a gall stone operation.

Another friend has just been diagnosed with colon cancer. Ten week's ago his sister who he lives with had her breast removed after cancer surgery. Just call them lucky.

In the meantime I feel as fit as a Mallee bull. (Positive old Aussie saying that I hope won't die out)

Later Edit: And ABI Brother has a carcinoma on his forehead. Day surgery.


  1. quick, touch wood!

  2. Fen, you've had your share already.

  3. Bloody hell!!! That's a lot all at once.

  4. Aye River, it is. Makes it sound like we have a lot of friends perhaps. We don't, and these are people pretty close to us.

  5. Crap, stay healthy and up your metamucil intake, DrewAn!

    Dad always used to say "I'm as fit as a Mallee bull and twice as dangerous" *snort*

  6. Jayne, I can't even spell that meta word. I'll trust my diet at this stage.

  7. I missed my metamucil on my recent overseas trip.

    Odd how these events occur in groups, like the proverbial buses travelling in packs.

  8. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Anyone I know?? V.

  9. Seems to be so Victor. Never rains but pours.

    V, kidney stones was one of the brother friends with the initial R. Cancer is the friend of the ex politician's Fijian Indian partner. Not sure if you met P. The other you don't know.

  10. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Poor R, I can sympathise with him - kidney stones are painful. Is he ok now? Please give him my best.

    I have met P several times. I hope he pulls through ok. V.

  11. Kidney stone pain (I've been there twice, decades ago. Foetal position wanting to die rather than endure the pain.) is apparently up there with delivering a bairn.

    My friend was petherdine. (sp?)

  12. Given my wanton ways LS, surprisingly I have never had the pleasure. I do drink a good amount of water though, and always have, which hopefully dilutes the damaging effects of my wanton ways.


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