Saturday, June 04, 2011

The coin machine on the fridge

It was a box attached to a rental tv. You rented the tv and paid for it with coins. It had electrical wires coming out of it to the tv. Tradie Brother told me that there wasn't a direct relationship between the money you put in to watch tv and how much the tv rental cost, so therefore, when the box was emptied, you received some money back, an incentive of some sort I think.

When I told R this, he remembers them in England, along with the coin in the slot gas meters.


  1. Spouse and I lived in England for a few years, after we were first married. We were as poor as church mice and tried to avoid spending any unnecessary money.

    One trick that always worked was to wait until the English residents had put their coins in the gas heater every Saturday, for their weekly bath. I could then have a bath every night from Sunday-Friday inclusive, without putting in coins of my own. I went smelly, every Saturday.

    Absolutely true story.

  2. Well, I was half right. It was a coin slot machine, just not for the fridge.

  3. A canny Australian Hels. They probably disliked you and your daily bath that upset their six day a week coal storage bin.

    Sorry River, I don't even have a first prize, let alone a second.