Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A bug and night time works

I don't know how much my camera cost as R bought it for me. I do know it certainly cost more than $500. I usually leave it on Auto and hope for the best, but I was driven to reading the manual over the weekend and played with some settings. It is capable of doing some extraordinary things in the hands of someone who knows about photography and camera settings.

This is the only half decent night time photo I have ever taken. What a lot of fuss and bother to replace one metre of tram track. A fourth truck came along to help after I took the photo. I had the camera resting on the balcony railing and changed the ISO setting, except now I have forgotten in which direction. I altered something else too.

I don't think this is a European wasp. I have no idea what it is. Centre weighted average, adjusted iso and went macro.


  1. I forgot to take the manual with me on my recent trip and failed to take any decent night-time photos.

  2. You probably adjusted the ISO and f-stop. Shooting manually is very rewarding once you get the hang of it. And you're right, it most definitely is a European wasp, unusual that it's out in the winter, it was probably very sluggish.

  3. European wasp? Or native bee? Hard to tell, now I'm going to have to go googling.
    I like the roadworks photo. I love taking photos in the semi dark.

  4. It IS a European wasp, Andrew, and however charming they look, they ought to be squashed...an extremely aggressive insect, they are decimating bees, including our native bees, I understand.

  5. I didn't know they could fly all the way to Australia, or did this one hop on a plane and came illegal to AUS?!

  6. Well Victor. It is fortunate that your daytime photos were so good.

    Maybe Cazzie. Looked nearly dead.

    Fen, you are right, that is what I did, adjusted the fiso stop. It was sluggish indeed.

    River, pretty unlikely to be a native been here. Very little native here at all.

    Thanks for the confirmation Gardener. They are bad. The crawl inside your can of Passiona and then bite your throat when you drink it. It wasn't long for the world methinks.

    Peter, it is an illegal. They have been coming to our shores for more than twenty years. Can't you lock them up?

  7. As someone who spent a number of years formally & informally learning how to use a completely mechanical, non-intuitive 1kg lump of chrome and glass, I can say that it's worth the effort. Understand the relationship between aperture, shutter, and iso, and your photos will always be the better for it...

    Good luck!

  8. I am trying Smudgeon. I study the manual every so often.