Thursday, June 16, 2011


Well, that is a feather in the cap of the bovver boys at the Police Association. It is the first time the Police Association can lay claim to a Police Commissioners scalp. Previous PA bovver boy Mullens could not get rid of Nixon, but to hand him his due, present PA bovver boy Davies has gotten rid of Overland. Meanwhile down below the highrise, a police car is sitting on the median strip with its lights flashing to warn motorists of a speed/red light camera, thus depriving the government of revenue to bolster their pay claim. How many favours does the Police Association want? A police commissioner scalp and a pay rise?

While it is a necessary evil, even in midwinter tourists want to go to St Kilda. I feel sorry for them when they are told they have to walk from St Kilda Junction. Ok, if they are smart and plan and check, it will be easier for them, but still. Massive tram works in St Kilda means no trams in Fitzroy Street or the Esplanade and probably a significant drop off in trade for the associated businesses. Don't worry, it will be better when it is done and the lines will reopen Saturday morning, in spite of me hearing the works are 30 hours behind schedule.

ABI Brother stayed the night. As soon as he heard Kylie was performing in Melbourne, he rushed off and bought a ticket. Both R and myself and Sister kind of regret him not mentioning it to us. We may well have gone too. But then I have always refused to go to mega venues to see a concert.

Little Jo quote via Mother. 'Mummy, how come you are big and J is little?'. Slap the child. I would describe Sister as solid and muscular and J as lean and fit. Perhaps Little Jo was referring to breasts, which would be apt.

We received a bill from the glass window replacement company. We did not know what it was for. Apparently it was for a company that worked for the body corp's insurance company. I would have happily paid it to finalise our window payment. Our bill is still pending after three months. Is there a statute of limitations for bills?

The complaints are arising about why our Teddy has commissioned heaps of reports but is not doing anything? It goes like this, maintain your promises for the first year, but slightly cut, cut heavy the second year, moderate the third year and the last year, in a blaze of glory, distribute largess to the peasants. I just can't wait for all the grand plans in year four. Maybe even some will be funded.

Day whatever of the new phone. I am getting the hang of the lingo. It is a smart phone. I thought my last phone was quite smart enough, but apparently this is really a smart phone. But with doing very little, it is chewing through nearly ten megabytes of bandwidth each day. Maybe it has something to do with WiFi getting automatically turned on and I have to keep switching it off. I have plenty of bandwidth allowance, so it is not of great concern, but I am now analysing where the bandwidth is being used. Today I have done nothing with the phone except one phone call, unanswered, and one incoming, also unanswered. I will check tomorrow. I have my suspicions.


  1. What do you mean by bandwidth on your phone? I have an iPhone but don't know anything about bandwidth or bandwidth allowance.

  2. Your phone will use data each day doing little updates etc. Each program you have on it will generally check for updates and automatically update them all. I've tried to turn all mine off, or set them to manual update only, but I still use data. I try to only d/l stuff when I'm at home and I hook my phone into my own wifi.

  3. Is bandwidth the right word? Now I don't know. I just googled it and without further investigation it may well be the correct word. I pay $10 per month for a one gigabyte download allowance on my phone. I am not close to using half that much. That is what I was referring to as my bandwidth.

    Fen, it is infuriating. I hate things doing stuffs without my ok. Might a programme keep turning my wifi on?