Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Ash

Isn't Australia the oldest land mass in the world? Isn't that why our soil is generally poor? It is very old dirt, with all the nutrients sucked out over thousands of years. We don't have volcanoes to make new soil, and yet we are incredibly affected by volcanoes at the moment.

Air travel is in chaos. It is queer thing to me that one airline has stopped flying because of the ash cloud from South America, and yet others fly under or around the ash cloud?

While Qantas used to be proudly our government airline, it is now a public company. Its competitors are also. Right, we have established they are all their to make a profit, and so therefore have a large amount of self interest in whether they fly or they don't when there is ash in the air.

After the debacle of the volcanic ash problem in Europe last year, one would have thought protocols would have been worked out by now. Apparently not in Australia.

We have what I think is a quasi government authority known as something like Civil and Aviation Safety Authority.

How can it possibly be that it is left up to profit motivated airlines to decide whether to fly when we have an aviation safety authority? Surely when so many people can be inconvenienced by our major airline not flying by being overly cautious, or minor airlines putting people's lives at risk by flying, well, what can you say but what a mess.

How can there not be an overseeing body who decides whether it is safe to fly or not?

The present situation of some airlines flying and some not is ridiculous. Where is the government? They are who should control such matters, with the advice of experts.

After the the cruel torture and slaughter of our cattle overseas under our government, now the debacle with airline flights when there is ash in the air, I truly despair at the Labor Party. Never mind the 'illegals' and staying in some stupid prop up the US war in some god forsaken country.


  1. oh I hear you loud and clear. Just ask Dick Smith about CASA - he is always 'debating' with them.
    In the quest for economy, KANTAS (there's no q in it) has outsourced their maintenance to China and that's why, just lately, they suddenly have problems we keep reading about that we never used to read about before.
    We have only had commercial jet travel since 1959, and prior to that, we never heard of air pollution either.
    Tourism is the single biggest industry in this country, and the production and use of cement/concrete is one of the top three pollutants.

    We do have/had volcanoes though.
    The stony rises and dry stonewalling all over the rocky paddocks of the western district is lava made igneous rock. Bacchus Marsh orchards and market gardening area is so good because of the volcanic soil, and Port Phillip Bay was formed by volcanic plate movement. Mt.Gambier was a volcano. Let's just pray they are all dormant, and spare a thought for the poor people of Christchurch NZ not sleeping well tonight.

    Re the cattle obscenity of Indonesia - just remember that is the country of lying singing General Wiranto and Balibo. muslim arseholes treating women just as badly too. 110 million of them right on our geographic shoulder with more people on army call-up than our entire population (ref: the CIA
    oh don't get me started.

  2. Stupidity at its best. Australia.
    Although we do have SOME good points....

  3. Chuck em all in off Mordy Pier.
    Wait, it's only more pollution in Port Phillip...shoot em into outer space and let them drift with all the other useless junk that no longer works up there.
    Pour a G&T and put your feet up.

  4. China Ann? Well, technically yes. Tourism is bigger than coal exports? Yes, of course we had volcanoes, but it has been a long time between drinks. I worry that concrete will run out one day. Then what will we do? We all feel for ChCh. It is just too awful. I have no illusions about Indonesia, for sure.

    River, I must try to remember that we have some good points.

    Jayne, I am coming to your way of thinking. Chuck 'em all off the pier.

  5. tourism comprises Dreamworld and Sovereign Hill, Darling Harbour, The Rocks, the monorail, half of germany hurtling at Ayers Rock, planes and trains and coaches and taxis and motels, B&Bs, caravan sales and parks, hotels and their laundry contracts and food deliveries and all the people - chefs, luggage handlers, who pull it all together, the advertising of it ... and I could make this list twice as long. Tourism is the largest industry in Australia.
    Well that's what the idiot lecturers and their $85 texts told me when I studied it at uni as a unit of a business degree.
    At any given time, half of Japan is here. We could bring that country to its' knees by refusing to issue visas for a week. If they were all at home at once, the place would sink.

  6. Haha Emstacks. I laughed.

  7. I was hoping you would.
    X X

  8. I was well involved in the whole disaster, didn't leave a good impression of Qantas management and board. Although I got a room in the Sherraton on the Park in Sydney on Qantas' dime so I can't complain.

    If you are interested in more accurate commentary on any aviation matter I suggest you read the Plane Talking blog by Ben Sandilands over at Crikey. Ben was largely responsible for unveiling to the public the incidents that led to the recent senate enquiry into aviation, it is always a good informed read.

  9. Nice hotel. Our friends caught in the Bangkok debacle a year or whenever ago stayed in a first class hotel at Thai Airway's expense.