Friday, June 24, 2011

All About Scott

Someone is quaking in their boots. Fear not dear Scott.

Ann introduced me to Scott's blog. Scott lived in the same Melbourne suburb as my Sister used to. Scott and his partner have fine taste and a very nice house in Liverpool. C'mon, there is only one Liverpool. Hum along with me, Ferry, Across the Mersey. Please nobody start singing about a long haired lovers.

I heard Scott's partner on our Radio National a while ago. Scott's partner is clearly on the contact list of our ABC. Perhaps he could become a Liverpool stringer? But then perhaps our ABC does not need a Liverpool stringer. Has anything happen in Liverpool since the Beatles that might require our ABC to need the services of a stringer?

Tonight there was a convergence of matters. So when R showed my some quite humorous Katherine Tate You Chube vids, I remembered, ah, Scott is going to see her on stage.

Scott is also going to see a Miro exhibition when he is visiting London. (he has been already. See his photos) This brings me back to the beginning, because Ann who introduced me to Scott's blog asked for a snap of our Miro print.

Dearest Ann, here is the Miro. It is so old now (the frame and the mount of course), but we are very fond of it. There are many Miro works to look at online, but I can't see this particular one. I'd be interested to know the name of the work. It is dated 1927.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Miro is an artist who we much admire but whose work is relatively unknown to us. Your print looks to be most interesting.

    We have been English guides at the Contemporary Art Museum in Budapest which houses a number of works in which, we feel, you would probably be most interested.

  2. Wow! Doesn't word & thought association take you to some interesting places?? Love the Miro - but no clue as to its identity (art philistine that I am ...)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I have a friend with a Miro inspired tattoo. Liverpool is lovely, I have family there so maybe I'm biased!

  4. I never heard of Miro but it is a great print

  5. Great stuff Andrew.
    Ms Pants also loves Miro and has some tapestry cushion covers (more deluxe than that sounds) of his work.
    Scotts blog is a constant joy.

  6. well woop de doo - I got into Comment. How come I have failed to get in for your past 5 posts? Blogger is so weird.
    anyhow, your print is terrific and the title is Floating Forms.
    Now I know that Alexander Calder met him in 1928, and it is obvious this and similar work of that time influenced Calders' mobiles. for all your other questions, plus a new print of it costs 40 quid.

  7. Anonymous9:29 pm

    It's a beautiful Miro print. There was room of very similar paintings in the exhibition. I think they have something to do with the Catalan resistance during the 1920s...
    Catherine Tate was hilarious and she is quite beautiful in real life without all of the prosthetics and costumes. David Tennant too was delightful.

  8. J&L, I must compile a BP list for when I visit.

    It does indeed Red.

    Right Fen. So you would be familiar with LP.

    Does she just Brownie. We may get to see them one day.

    RingBali, I am not sure what attracted us to it, but we do like it.

    I knew you would find out the name Ann, thanks. £40 is pretty cheap for a good sized print.

    Scott, I adore both Katherine and David. Miro was quite prolific, it seems.

  9. yup I am familiar with it. I get ribbed for having a Liverpudlian, hence 'criminal' background!