Sunday, June 05, 2011

Adelaide or bust

Busy busy weekend. Out each night and work both days. What have I written in advance. This'll do.

We are to holiday in Adelaide mid year. This is my idea. We last visited Adelaide in the winter of 1983 I think, not long after the Ash Wednesday fires. We drove along the coast as close as we could and saw the burnt trees at Aireys Inlet. I can't imagine we did the whole trip in one day, so we must have stayed somewhere along the way. I have absolutely no idea where. Effectively, we did the Great Ocean Road and the Condamine. Our neighbour Mrs Sutcliffe insisted that we go past the area where Stormboy was made.

South Australia then had a government tourist bureau in Melbourne and they were very helpful. In 2011, I don't think it now exists and we book and organise using the internet. I think we stayed at West Beach, although it could have been Henley Beach. The tourist bureau found us digs and it was quite nice, owned by a married couple. Over the phone I had asked for them for a double bed. There was confusion and then disapproval when we arrived and they realised that we were two men sharing a double bed. R was terribly embarrassed, but I was on a gay rights mission. Of course now, we not only do we not want a double bed, we want separate rooms.

The beach was wide, clean and open. Pity it was midwinter. R has fixed holidays even back then did. I can't remember a lot of what we did. Of course we went to Glenelg. Of course we rode the sole tram to the city and back. We looked around the city. We went to the zoo. We went to area where there was a small purpose built sound stage, which I think was near the banks of the Torrens. We walked through the parks.

One memorable outing was a bus tour to the Barrossa Valley wineries. It was an excellent trip. Another day we drove to Hahndorf.

We have a travel agents six days in Adelaide, but practically it four days.

We leave late from home and stay at Sister's on the Bellarine. Next day visit the Otway Fly and back to Sister's and stay another night. Next day head to Mount Gambier by the most direct route, visit a friend along the way, and stay the night in a motel and the following day visit what is to be seen in Mount Gambier. I have found heaps of things to see there. The next day, unhurriedly, set off for Adelaide. Booked into a big big seaside caravan park cabin for our accommodation. We are paying a premium, so we should hear the lapping of waves. Day one of six has gone.

Days 2, 3, 4, 5, I am not sure. Day 6 we will probably head for home early.

If we were relying on public transport, I doubt we would fit too much in, but we will have the car and so can get around quickly enough.

We will visit the tram museum at

We will see Glenelg again and explore.

Of course we have to travel over the new tram extended tram route and experience both types of new trams.

See the city naturally.

Victor Harbour is on the agenda and I think I would like to take another winery tour by bus.

The whole point of this post was to ask Adeladians for suggestions for what to do when we are Adelaide, and while I would be quite happy for any suggestions, ah, I think I may have filled our time already.


  1. I was in Adelaide a while back and have two articles still in the scheduled queue for publication.

    One family impressed me greatly with their public spirited contribution to Adelaide life. Robert Barr Smith (1824–1915) gave truck loads of money, in particular to The University of Adelaide’s library. You might also like to visit his family's 20th century home, Carrick Hill, at the foot of the hills. Lovely place!

  2. Adelaide is pretty small stil, you can probably do most of those things in two days. One if you don't stop for lunch...ha ha.
    which beach caravan park? Semaphore? Take a walk along the dunes and see if you can spot some frill-neck or bearded dragon lizards sunning themselves. Snakes too.

  3. Hello Andrew:
    How wonderful all of this sounds and so exciting. You will, surely, have the most marvellous time later this summer.

  4. As a South Aussie born-and-bred gal you should do the Barossa (day tour at the very least), have a wander in the Adelaide Hills (Hahndorf), eat a pepper pasty at any bakery that looks decent and wash it down with a (fresh, not the days old stuff that's shipped to Melbourne) Farmers Union Iced Coffee.

  5. Hels, I have heard of Carrick Hill. Pencilled in.

    River, West Beach, a Big Four one.

    Thanks Jane, of course it won't be summer here though.

    Kath, I am father fond of Iced Coffee. (bring back the Myer iced coffee machine) Hope to see Hahndorf and do a winery tour by bus.

  6. As you pass Johanna Beach on the Great Ocean Road b/n Apollo Bay and Port Campbell give a wave for me as I have some great memories of lazy summers down there.

  7. YAY Victor Harbour, go on the horse drawn tram over to Granite Island. If you have time go to Port Elliot & Horseshoe Bay. Then go round the headland to Boomer Beach and watch the waves smash against the granite boulders. I think I'd like to get back there next time I have holidays. I miss that place.

  8. I did a tour of the Coorong a couple of years ago and LOVED it. If you have time when near Victor Harbour, I'd highly recommend.

  9. Ian, memories of good root more likely. We aren't doing the GOR this time.

    Of course I want to go on the horse tram Fen. It is a must do, well I better check where Victor Harbour is. I think I did earlier.

    Thanks James. Once I checked, I remembered reading it.

  10. West Beach, huh? In the street next to the caravan park there was an Italian restaurant called 'Salsa's' (or similar) with KILLER potato pizza. Hopefully for you it's still there ...

    Kath mentioned bakeries. The best bakery in SA, if not OZ if not the world, is at Port Elliot - just up/down the road from Victor Harbor. Pt E is the brighter, younger cousin of VH.

    Things others haven't mentioned - Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Revolving tower restaurant at Glenelg (for the view!), Port River Dolphin cruise, Zoo (pandas? also great Asian exhibits), Art Gallery & Museum, Murray River towns (Waikerie - Murray River Queen (boat!!), Morgan) and my fave Barossa town is Angaston.

  11. But wait! There's more - Haighs chocolate factory, Grote St markets (food galore), Whispering Wall, Lyndoch Bakery, Cafe Y at Chateau Yaldara (Barossa).


  12. Thanks Red. A friend mentioned the pandas to us and that you have to book for them. I will print out all the suggestions and take them with us. Ah, of course I will have the laptop and could actually check back. No, printing them is better.

  13. I have a real soft spot for Adelaide. Great city.

    The South Australian Art Gallery was pretty good.

    By all accounts the Coopers Brewery tour is pretty good too.

    If you're into trains you can't go past the National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide. Probably the best railway museum in Australia.

  14. Forgot to mention eat a pie floater from the pie cart.

  15. Ben, I think my partner will only wear one transport museum and I am inclined to the tram but I will look at which suits closer to the time. You should have left the pie floater forgotten. :)