Monday, May 23, 2011

A walk to the park

I went 'bird watching' at Albert Park last week. Bird photos later. When R arrived home I called him to come and meet me and we would walk home together. There was little warmth in the late afternoon sun but it gave nice light.

An avenue of what I believe to be rubber trees.

The avenue turns and there is a sight block of trees.

A pair of trees, perhaps ash trees of some kind.

A solitary rubber tree. I like them at this size. I hope they don't get much larger.

The sun had nearly set. Only the top of the trees on the mound were now catching any direct light.


  1. I love rubber trees, their leaves are so glossy and huge.

  2. Really beautiful pics, I love walk in the parks... So refreshing!!
    Have a great week ahead:)

  3. What? No rain?? Lucky you!!

  4. River, I had a look on the net and I am pretty sure they are rubber trees. The new foliage in spring? is copper coloured and looks great.

    Thanks Arti. Having a skim read of your travels now.

    It was a week ago Red. The last few days have been miserably grey.

  5. There was a rubber tree next door when I lived in Brunswick. The leaves were huuuuge.

    Nice pics.

  6. They look glorious with new coppery leaves Fen.


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