Monday, May 09, 2011

State Funeral?

Excuse me? Is there more than one Lionel Rose? Don't tell me the alcoholic pugilist who made money from beating other blokes into a state of insensibility and who served time in gaol for criminal acts is getting a State Funeral?

I suppose next it will be ex Western Australia Premier Brian Burke who gets a State Funeral.


  1. It is the culture of celebrity in action.

    Because a lot of people presumably know who he is he "must" be a good bloke seems to be the rule we use these days.

  2. Pretty right I think. And you have to be around my age to have actually 'been there' and remember. To be fair, he did some good works after his career ended.

  3. ooh scandal, I have no idea what you're talking about. I mustn't be old enough *pouts*

  4. Fine boxer, but couldn't sing (despite the alleged Top 10 billing)for shite. (I blame Countdown!)

  5. Bragging does not become you Fen.

    I vividly remember how bad his singing was LS.