Friday, May 27, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

The apartment below and to the front of us has always been rented out. Tenants seem to change once a year, as they do in many apartments within our building. Curiously though, there are some long term renters. I can't believe what they pay in rent. We could never afford to pay rent to live here.

The latest tenants in the aforementioned apartment moved in a month or so ago. We can sit or stand on our balcony and see a little bit into the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms. For some odd reason, both lads in bedrooms two and three placed there bed heads under the windows and length wise. I know the layout of these apartments as they are all the same and it is an odd thing that they have their bedheads under the window.

A few weeks ago R stepped onto the balcony and bolted back inside in embarrassment. The guy, you can see his face and he is sleeping with the blind open. And so they both do in their respective bedrooms. The guy in the 3rd bedroom is only about three metres away from our balcony. I went onto the balcony, casually glancing in the distance, sat down, and then cast my gaze below. Sure enough, sound asleep and he must be hot blooded as the cover was below his nipples. He looked so at peace, like a baby sleeping. We have kind of gotten used to seeing him asleep. Now it is cold, he pulls the covers up to his chin.

He is a little solid for my liking but has a nice face and good but wild hair. Neither of us have seen him around the building, only asleep. They do hang washing on their balcony, which is a serious breach of building rules, but at this height, no body seems to notice.

One Sunday morning at about 6am I had risen to go to work. I stepped out onto the balcony to check the feel of the weather and his bed was empty. What a good young man, I thought. Such a strong work ethic, off doing some casual job, perhaps waiting on tables and serving breakfasts to earn some money to put himself through uni. Nah, an hour later he was in bed, probably having just gotten home from clubbing.

You may think I am now going off topic, but bear with me.

I downloaded a app to my new phone called Grindr. It is a hook up site for gay men. It gives you a photo of a person, how far away they are using GPS and their likes and dislikes. If you like what you see, you can send them a message. There is a new staff member at work who has moved to Melbourne from Sydney. While I did assume, I switched on the Grindr app at work today, and there he was, dressed in work clothes in his photo and showing that he was ten metres away. Nothing like being obvious.

I have no intention of meeting anyone via Grindr, being the faithfull type (shut your gob. It is nothing to do with me now being too lazy). Would you care to guess who popped up when I switched Grindr on at home. Yep, the afore mentioned sleeping beauty. I know his face well enough and the app told me he was four metres away.

That is why I downloaded Grindr. Just for curiosity purposes, or you could perhaps call it stalking. Another person we know in the building has an Asian b/f with the same name as his son. The b/f is on Grindr too. I think I have had my fun with Grindr, now that I know how it works. I will switch it off as it flattens the battery quickly and uses bandwidth.


  1. RECON, that's the name of the app I was talking about in one of your earlier posts. It's probably apple specific, or maybe it's gone android by now. I was using it around world cup time.

  2. You must have been studying his face pretty closely to be able to ID him from your phone ;-)

    No eye candy from my apartment (other than Nathan of course)...The only freebie I get is the odd cigarette butt dropped onto my balcony.

  3. Batteries can be charged, and before you know it you've checked out the whole office. ;)

  4. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Ah, the dry wit.
    I was tearing up from the humour of this posting.

    The suggestive remarks. The Victorian (geddit?) reserves.


    Good on you mate!

  5. Ah yes Fen. Recon network. Know it well. I just checked and I can't see a mention of an app there. Not that I will use it on my phone.

    AR, it is more his hair that I identified him by. Quite distinctive and it is a very clear photo.

    Office Peter? I want the world.

    Anon, I can laugh at myself too, and frequently do.

  6. Andrew,

    You seem like the cutest boy.

    I wish you would take that camera down from your dear face. And then I am sure I would kiss it.

    So surreptitious and coy you are.


  7. How sweet P&C. The camera covers my face for good reasons.


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