Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reprieve for Scott

It is good news from Indonesia that the convicted drug mule Scott Rush has had in execution on appeal reduced to a life sentence. Two others of the group still have an execution sentence hanging over the heads. That's not a pun as Indonesia shoots them to death, not hangs them by the neck until they are dead. But Rush is the one media has focused on. The other two don't look so good through the lens and have foreign names.

But just in case you have forgotten, Rush was one of four mules who were caught taking drugs into Indonesia. Taking drugs into Indonesia is a curious thing itself. Why would you?

But that Rush was caught was an utter disgrace. His parents contacted the Australian Federal Police before he took that fateful trip and informed them of what their son was about to do. Did the police stop him? They did not and allowed him to be caught and sentenced to death in Indonesia for what would be a possession charge in Australia and dealt with leniently.

At the time Australian Federal Police was presided over by one Kevin Andrews. He is still in politics. I get personal when someone performs as badly as Andrews did. The hat upon his bald head is dyed a very bad colour. He made no apologies for his department's actions.

Did he learn any lesson. Oh no, he then went on to preside over the Haneef case and defend himself and his department to the bitter end against the indefensible. Kevin Andrews is a disgrace, as are many of the left over serving coalition politicians. Once Malcolm returns, I am sure he will get rid of them, starting with Andrews and Bill Heffernan.


  1. Scott the mule committed a crime of low IQ, but Kev Andrews crime of incompetence is a greater crime and a hanging offence in my book.
    Surely Scott's parents have sought redress?

  2. Brownie,his parents sound thoroughly nice and smart enough perhaps to not make waves until he is home. I don't know whether they would better off agitating or using quiet diplomacy.

  3. Why would anyone cooperate with the AFP after what they did with Rush? I feel so sorry for his parents.

  4. Victor, I tend to have faith in institutions. Not sure why, because I have constantly found instances where they have done wrong. I too feel sorry for his parents, but I also wonder, as I am sure they do, that if they had just done something differently in his growing years.

    I can imagine his upbringing. It would have been nothing like yours or mine.

  5. I am totally with you on this - No way I will ever go to Bali or anywhere else that still has the death sentence and the AFP and Federal Government will bear the blame if anyone is killed over this - have to hope there is some sort of hell for them