Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not quite normal

Well, that was an interesting couple of days. Blogger failed to proceed, ate posts, ate comments and now has been set back to where it was before it all went wrong. I still have one post missing, the latest, and some comments. I suppose it will be fixed eventually.

One thing that pleases me is that while I could not write anything, no one else could either, except for those smug types who use Word Press or other. We were all in the same boat. Comrades in suffering. Anyway, busy weekend working for me and I feel disinclined to write anything much until all is restored.


  1. I noticed it off yesterday which was the first time I had to look at it since last week - hope you didn't lose too much

  2. My first thought when I noticed Blogger was out of action was "fuck Blogger, I'm joining Wordpress/tumblr/etc". Which is completely irrational, because I've never had any problems with Blogger until yesterday - and it was nothing personal :)

    I'm just pleased everything finally came back, and I'll admit it was nice to have a break from the routine of checking blogger several times a day to see if there are any new posts I might not read anyway. I got heaps of work done instead! Imagine what would happen if Facebook went down for 24 hours during the week...

  3. I've been hiding in history research with nought to say and pre-scheduled a heap of posts for Dunolly blog so it didn't bother me much.
    Except I couldn't read my fav people.

  4. There's still a problem with reading Blogger posts. The RSS feed was yesterday off aswell. Showing posts from the day before as if they had been just posted.

    Also getting to a feed is difficult since you have to reset your page several times before the feed will appear.

    As a WP blogger myself I've only seen a few glitzes over the years but never for such a long period of time, as has happened to Blogger now.

  5. Not sure what is lost MC. It better damn well come back.

    Me, you sound like my partner. So impatient. The world has ended. No need to swap to Wordpress. All will be well, eventually. If Facebook goes down, I doubt I will notice.

    Jayne, speaking of Dunolly, I heard something about Poowong the other day. Ah, bad segue. Very good anti-bullying programme in the local primary.

    Yes Peter. It is still not fixed. They just turned the clock back to Wednesday, US time I assume. My reader brought in posts I had already read, but without the comments. There was a Word Press incident with links once. If you turned the feature on, what you wrote would come up suggesting links to other similar writing. One WP user who I know who writes a fairly personal/nature based blog had all these links on her posts to race hate.

  6. The fact we were all in the same boat, was a relief. Set back my monthly stats something awful though ... but I should not focus on that I am told.

  7. Julie, you will have to write something controversial.