Thursday, May 12, 2011

New phone day one

The jump to my old phone was quite a step. I learnt how it worked in time. My new Samsung Galaxy S is not such a challenge. My initial issue is that I don't like the text message set up. I like an inbox, a sent and a draft folder. I guess I may well download the app that Fen uses. I like the nag feature that Samsung has used for text messages for the various phones.

Maybe it is because I am getting old, but I am just not so excited about my new phone. It has so many things I can click on that will cost me money.

At this point, I can imagine downloading only three apps. Who knows what the future will hold once I really get into this new portable telephone.


  1. Initially I decided that I would not download any Apps onto my iphone then I decided I would only download free Apps that really interested me and finally I started to download a few Apps that were not free. I suppose I'm hooked now.

  2. I was much the same as Victor. I've now paid for a few apps, one being the Vignette photo one which I do like. I wish I had the patience to learn to "root" my phone so I could take all the pre loaded shite off it.

  3. As I expected Victor. Although you are so much older than I am, it is good that you are trying to keep up.

    Fen, I had a mental image of you rooting your phone. You have turned on the vibration facility I guess. I am being cautious about removing anything at this stage, but you can't remove all the pre loaded shite? Is root like what flash was?


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