Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New phone day 2

Forgot to publish this one.

Sorted photos. Turned on gps. I never switched it off and it worked when I picked the phone up, but somehow it got turned off. R's phone was the same.

Swype is brilliant. I can imagine once I have used it for a while, it will be so much faster than hand writing an sms. Really, it is already faster. I don't have young person mobile thumbs. I even tried the on screen writing with my finger and that worked, but I don't write really anymore, so that was slow.

Yesterday I was really struggling with a qwerty keyboard on a phone. I am getting there fast.

The phone tells me where free wifi cafes are. I doubt I will ever use that facility, but it is nice to know I can.

I am not deleting anything yet, but in time I will get rid of all the things I will never use, or maybe not as per Fen.

Lack of nag feature for sms is still an issue.

Sms set up I am not so keen on.


  1. oh god i so wish i could rid my phone of all the crap, but i'd have to root it and that's beyond me. Or at least i'm too scared to attempt it!

  2. So you're on a learning curve too?
    I hope you're having as much fun as I am.

  3. Fen, I had to learn about rooting after you mentioned it. I too don't feel confident to root my phone. (splutter, hahahahahah)

    I expect you are having more fun River. I hate getting a new computer as I have to learn new stuff.

  4. How much time do we spend learning the new technologies only to have them old hat before we master them

  5. MC, maybe it just building on knowledge rather that something entirely new.