Monday, May 09, 2011

Lindy poll result

Did Lindy do it?
Lindy did not do it and that she served time was very wrong56.3%9

Lindy did it, was punished, but on the discredited evidence, she should not have been convicted31.3%5

Lindy did it and got away with it12.5%2

total votes: 16


  1. Lindy was a fellow student (for a short time only) at Ararat High with me and the missus in the early 60s.

    Trivia. 2 votes 100%.

  2. I was confused, thought you were talking about Lindy Burns! Hah

  3. LS, I am trying to think of some way you might have caused her trauma as a child, resulting in her misdeed.

    Fen, Ms Burns has a led a very boring life and this is reflected in her radio broadcasts.

  4. n'aaw I like her, she's always cheery and good natured.

  5. I just miss Virginia Fen.