Monday, May 09, 2011

Hangin' with the birds

Now that the wretched Grand Pricks has finished and Albert Park is returning to normal, we took a late afternoon walk. It was the second day of what really felt like winter. The lake is wonderfully full and is very healthy, thanks to the planting of some filtration reed beds where the stormwater run off enters the lake.

Here is a pelican. While the lake has been stocked with fish of late, Mr Percy seemed to be happy to nuzzle around in the grass beds. Normally black swans would come to us if we stopped and hovered, so I can only conclude swans keep away from pelicans. I have only ever seen one or two pelicans at the lake at a time.

I believe this is a pacific black duck, but I stand to be corrected. Sis in Law has a duck and it gets along well with the chickens.

This is a red billed coot, a variety of coot named because of....

This is a purple swamp hen.

But while we had enjoyed nature, we had to cross a ten lane road on the way home. Somehow I don't think the truck rolled backwards up a slope. Much more likely that the driver of the expensive black car was texting.


  1. I wonder if that little bird was where the phrase 'old coot' came from??

  2. Love the pic of the pelican Andrew - good to see the water levels up.

  3. I can't work out how they could be connected Kath. I think coot in the sense you mention might be American.

    It is good to have water and boats on the lake again Dianne. I feel sorry for WA.

  4. Hopefully the bird life avoided the old coots wot love duck shooting season.

  5. ha ha i suspect you're right, truckies are pretty good about keeping a decent stopping distance. They're not so good at not getting stuck under bridges regularly!

  6. Anonymous10:36 pm

    I call coots 'water hens'. Their other name is 'moor hen'. Anyway, I really like them but you don't see many here in Japan. But I saw one last week; I was very happy!

  7. LS, the ones we saw apparently have.

    Fen, I just don't get this getting stuck under a bridge. The sign says 4m clearance and my truck is 4.1m. Is that hard?

    V, you have cleared up some confusion for me.

  8. Sorry to be a little smartybottom bird-nerd know-it-all, but I believe the red billed bird is actually a purple swamphen, so-called because ...

    In OZ, coots and moorhens are two different things, and different again from the above.

    I'm sure if I'm wrong, y'all will let me know ...

  9. You would know better than I would Red. I will follow it up.

  10. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Well, I've just learnt something - I looked it up and moorhens and coots are related but different birds. Interesting... V.

  11. And apparently my bird was neither V.