Sunday, May 22, 2011

From the mouths of babes

Little Jo does not see news on tv, nor hear it on radio, but she clearly picked something up about Queensland or Victorian floods earlier this year and spoke when Sister was driving in heavy rain.

'Mummy, are we going to drown?'

No surprise at this one given how much Mother bangs on about her medical problems.

'Nanny, will you die soon?' I'm saying nothing.

R was looking after Little Jo when Bone Doctor called up on the intercom to collect her.

'R, can you tell her to go away please'.

We were playing Wind in the Willows birthday party. Children's imaginations are very experimental.

'Mole, here is your present.' Just why oh why was I chosen to be Mole. Who are you calling a moll kid? FYI, R was Badger.

Little Jo gave a talk at her pre school about her mother for Mother's Day. 'My mummy has curly hair, is sixty and does lots of boring jobs.' Sister is early forties.

Sometimes she says nothing. Sister and I was sitting in the dining room of her house reading. Sister had told Little Jo she could watch one five minute episode of a tv programme and then we were going out. At about four minutes thirty, the door to lounge room quietly closed. We could no longer hear the end of the episode and the beginning of the next one.


  1. Made me laugh Andrew - Curly hair, sixty and does lots of boring jobs!! I'm sure your sister was impressed with that descriptive information.

  2. Little Jo sounds like a smart cookie.

  3. ha ha love it!

  4. She was not impressed Dianne..

    River, we always say our own are smart, but I think she is.

    Fen, and we can hand her back.

  5. Haha! Would LOVE to know what the answer to 'Nanny will you die soon?' was!!

  6. Red, the answer should have been, while Nanny may seem to doctor's walking nightmare, albeit a profitable one, she is remarkably hale and hearty and could go another twenty years. I am sure she will outlive me.


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