Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flowers and a bag

We got a bit arty with this week's flowers. I tried to combine two posts in one. We are down to our last brown paper bag. It is a pack of fifty bags and it is Farmland brand, a Coles supermarket label. I guess we don't use many paper bags as Farmland disappeared a long time ago, didn't it?


  1. You must be the last person in Australia to still have something with the Farmland brand on it!

  2. Hello Andrew:
    We found you via Hels and are so pleased that we did.

    Your flowers look very dramatic and give a vibrant flash of colour in what otherwise appears to be a very restrained and minimalist interior.

    We have, as you may imagine, never heard of Farmland but, in our own house, we have several things that we are still using up dating from eons ago!! Waste not want not is our motto!!

  3. Love those flowers, very swish. I should buy flowers more often, they do brighten up a room.

  4. we've brown-bagged lunches 50 times since 1999,
    and never thought this farmland pack would last us this long time.

    we must have bought our lunch a lot, instead of wrap saladas,
    got maccas or a hot meat pie, or mexican tostadas.

    farmland brand has gone to god and now our problem is
    should we write 'more lunchbags' on our Shopping List?

  5. I'd better keep it then River. I'll donate it to the Coles New World Museum.

    Hi Jane and Lance. We've done the antique road and now like clean and modern and minimal. My sister says our place looks cold. I would just say in comparison to her place, it is tidy. I am pleased you are doing your bit for the environment by using old stuff before buying new.

    Only $5 Fen and money well spent.

    Brill Emstacks. We don't tend to put sandwiches in paper bags.


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