Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Carless in Melbourne

A few weeks ago a truck gave R's car a decent bumping when it was parked at his work place. R's car is in for repair for three days and he must use mine to travel to work, hence my week off work. I was owing myself a week off anyway.

Today (several days ago now) I went to our local Bunnings Hardware store in Port Melbourne. We have decided to be environmentally responsible and not throw out liquid paint but buy paint setter which turns the paint to granules to throw out in the rubbish. More importantly? we needed some heavy duty picture hooks.

I suppose we have been to our new local Bunnings six times, always in the motor. But of motors, I had none at hand. I'll get the bus then.

I knew a bus went past the big hardware store, but which one?

For ease I should have called on the telephone and asked. Instead, I spent more than half an hour on the net working it out. 232 is the go. What took time was that I was checking for other buses that might go there. I caught a bus to town and then crossed the road to the bus stop and caught the 232. Punctual, as it should have been because it had only come from Vic Market, although I don't know what the bus might have done before that.

The bus took me along a route I am not very familiar with and don't want to be, but once into Williamstown Road there was as convenient stop right at the big hardware store. I bought what I needed and unlike me, browsed for a while. Well, I knew I had just missed a bus.

The actual point of writing this is that very very few people would use public transport to go to the large Bunnings store, or any Bunnings store. So while I did not expect there to be a display case with a bus timetable, or even a tram timetable, as a tram is not far away, I would have at least expected a pedestrian walkway in from the street, rather that mixing it with cars in one of the many driveways. Perhaps public transport users and people within walking/cycling distance don't spend much in Bunnings.


  1. I can't decide if I want to live in a Bunnings store or a Spotlight store...maybe pitch my tent in between the pair and live a life of bliss...

    On your post re Lionel Rose getting a State Funeral, Henry Lawson was also often in his cups and in gaol and received a State Funeral.
    Other public 'notables' on the grog were often lucky to simply not get caught with their hand in the jar :P

  2. ooh Jayne I'll move in with you. Maybe find those two that are also near an officeworks and I'll be set for life!

  3. Anonymous10:45 pm

    I'm with you Fen - I loooove Office Works! Can I move in too? V.

  4. Jayne, I just don't like the whole concept of boxing. Punching people to hurt them? Lawson may have been a drunk, but what talent. I like Bunnings, not so much Spotlight.

    With you on that Fen. We have three Officeworks, one in a five minute tram ride, another in a fifteen minute tram ride and another with a ten minute walk.

    V, there is one close to where you will stay. Indulge yourself. Btw, I found a Japanese shop, with Japanese knick knacky things and staffed by a Japanese woman in town the other day.

  5. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Where's the Japanese shop? I should check it out when I'm in town!

  6. Port Phillip Arcade. It was all bits and pieces that we had seen in Japan.


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