Thursday, May 26, 2011

The birds of Albert Park #2

The teal again. They seem very fond of this position and stand on one leg, or..... nah.

As is often the case in the bird world, Mrs teal is a little duller, but still quite attractive.

One of those swamp hens again. Might a swamp he be male?

This'd he your cormorant I should think. I suppose they come in many varieties, so shan't even try to identify which it is.

Back to the duck.

Here's looking at you kid.


  1. Love those ducks!

    The cormorant may be a great cormorant (looks big, but hard to tell) and I think the swamphen is actually a dusky moorhen this time (but could be wrong).

  2. Very realistic sound Fen.

    Red, I reckon the earlier ones were dusky moorhens too. They just did not look purple enough.


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