Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The birds of Albert Park #1

I took many photos of birds at Albert Park last week. Lucky you will only see one dozen. The best will be in the second part. I expect Red Nomad will correct any naming errors.

Please god let this one be right at least. Purple swamp hens.

Crested pigeons. I have never seen these in Melbourne before. I first saw them at my step mother's in the north of the state. They have a strange chirp. They are removing the seeds from the seeded grass bed where the Melbourne Grand Pricks organisation killed the grass during our annual 'burn petrol needlessly' event.

I was naughty. I attracted the birds with Salada cracker crumbs, but hey they were the Lite ones, so no harm done.

Just from my observations on the day, when two swans meet and they already know each other, they have a ritual to observe which also involves some sounds as well as the obvious physical.

If this is the same breed of duck as I saw last time, it is a Pacific Black Duck.

I think I have the name right but at this point I will just say it is a teal duck.

Ah, me ole mate P01. I have known him/her for a long time. She/he harassed our friend in Japan when she visited. He/she scared Little Jo. P01 if fine. I have her measure, and I am sure it is a she. You dun scare me you ho bitch. Speaking of family, err, reference to Little Jo, not ho bitch, Dreaded Nephew built the timber deck.


  1. I have got to take the kids to Albert park Lake again, we have not been there for a long time and we used to go there very often at one point... when we were in the sailing club.

  2. Why did you say you were naughty, attracting the birds with biscuit bits? Is it illegal to feed them these days??? Good grief, my parents did it decades ago!

  3. Cazzie, it is wonderfully green now and the water level is high.

    Hels, it is forbidden by Parks Victoria with the appropriate signage. I agree with the essence of their message, don't feed wild creatures, and very few do at the lake, but I thought a few crumbs wouldn't hurt. Apart from diet and becoming dependent on humans, there is the matter of them getting to used to humans and their dogs etc and lose their fear and flight response.

  4. Lovely pics, no idea on correct except they make the landscape interesting.
    Crested Pigeons been loitering with intent in Oakleigh for a few decades.
    And the tall black ones don't taste nice.

  5. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Was I harrassed by PO1? I don't remember! Nor do I remember the neck bands - since when have the swans been wearing them? Are they better than the old ankle bracelets? V.

  6. Hello Andrew:
    What a wonderful set of interesting and very attractive images. The swans getting together is simply wonderful - our favourite!

    Winston Churchill kept black swans on the lake at Chartwell - gratuitous information!!

  7. I'm not saying a word ...

  8. They are a strange bird Jayne. I wonder what they are related to? Apart from perhaps pigeons.

    V, we walked to the lake and several swans were out of the water and you were a little alarmed at how close they were. P01 was one of them. He/she has been on the lake forever. I can only remember them with neck bands.

    Jane, Winnie had black swans and the black dog too. I don't think we have any white swans in Oz. What a shame.

    So I must be correct then Red?

  9. No, I just didn't want to come across as a smartybottom again ... actually, the swamphen this time is a dusky moorhen (I believe). Smaller, and no purple - although the sheen can often be distracting, especially in the light of your pic. Also less red around the beak.

    But get a 2nd opinion by all means!!

  10. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Thought you'd like this story about the Albert Park swans.

    Cheers, Walker

  11. Thanks Walker. I did read that and promptly forgot about it. But something must have implanted in my brain as the post was already written and the PO1 was added later. Interesting to put it all together and understand where bits go into my posts automatically, yet if I think about how they arose, I don't know.


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