Thursday, May 26, 2011

Barak Abroad

Men can wear suits and are rarely judged on their appearance when they are in a suit, as long as the suit is good quality and fits properly. Not so women. Every detail of what a woman is wearing is noted and open to compliment or criticism. The difference between men' and women's clothing will remain a divide forever more. I can't help but think women's dress is a device of oppression.

Nevertheless, I like a pretty dress. What was Michelle Obama thinking. While I don't like her dress much, that stupid pink fly thing is absurd. Contrast her outfit to the beautiful dress Kate is wearing. Surely if you are meeting royalty in a foreign country, you would dress appropriately and not as for a teen girl's party. Barak and William, being men who can afford good suits, look just dandy. What is William telling Barak? I caught a fish this big? Or I gave Kate this much and I still a bit left that wasn't in. I can well imagine William's need to brag when there is a black man around.

There is a further issue with Michelle's dress. It is an awfully similar pattern and colour to Betty's. Wasn't there any prior liaison? And how about a bit of respect Barak and Michelle. A bow and curtsey if you please. Our Betty is not an elected person and so therefore deserves some some bowing and scraping. She probably has a cattle prod in her hand bag to deal with disrespectful types like yourselves.

One can't help but notice Betty's scalp showing through the tease of her hair. I always thought she had a good head of hair. Perhaps she needs to wear one of her many hats indoors. At least Barak will be a bit more civilised than other black people she has entertained, such as Idi Amin.


  1. The two young couples look animated, don't they?

    The poor old Queen. Queen Elizabeth and my mother are the same age, and have grown old gracefully together. Now I don't care about women's clothing, but I do care that the Head of State of the entire British Commonwealth is looking old age pensioner-ish and probably a little deaf (from her non-responses to Obama's speech).

    Whatever a person's views on inherited royalty as Head of State, it is certainly time she gave the throne to her son and heir.

  2. Hels, although their ages are still quite different, you can imagine that there may well be a natural friendliness between the couples. Even though I am a staunch republican, I do feel a mild sense of panic at thought of the queen no longer being our queen. Everything in my life has changed, except her.

  3. Yes I agree Andrew a little bit of scalp showing through the tease but you have to admit at 85yrs she is fantastic!
    As for Michelle's dress - it adds a touch of colour - I don't mind it at all, she's got class in whatever she wears.

  4. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Michelle Obama is looking more and more like a lost a member of The Supremes.

  5. Hello Andrew:
    As with other posts of yours we have much enjoyed reading this and do agree that, where dress is concerned, it is always much easier for men than women.

    That apart, we are afraid that we have little interest otherwise in anything connected with HM The Queen or any members of her close family.

  6. Haha! Maybe Michelle's similar dress means she's taking a few lessons in royalty before it's introduced in the US!! Now that's a scary thought ...

  7. Dianne, she is good for her age. I can't agree about Michelle's dress. It looks like a party frock.

    Tehe Scott. I once found a published a photo of her when she was a teen. Scary looks back then.

    Jane, more confirmation that the English have little concern about the Royals, apart from the cost. Just irrelevant.

    Red, I bet there is a percentage of US citizens who wish they still had a Queen and some royals.

  8. You're right, that pink thing adds nothing to Michelle's dress and should have been left at home. Possibly her skirt could have been a little less full too. Kate's dress is stunningly simple. Queen Betty needs a new hair stylist.

  9. That is what I really meant River. Cheers.


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