Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Window/Lounge update

Window was replaced. Gee the glass must be heavy. Three strapping blokes to carry one window up using the lift and they were buggered. Unlike anyone else, when one of the blokes told me that it is toughened glass, that is baked in an oven at 600 deg, it will not break from any heat stress. This gives us a dilemma though. If that is the case, then we don't need to retint all windows to the balcony and can have the old tint on just the one window. Not sure what we will do. Anyway, first class service today by Dungan Glass of Hawthorn.

I bought an even cheaper new MP3 player today for $30. It works ok. I had to find an extra strong pair of spectacles which I don't normally use to read the manual leaflet though. I did glance sideways at Ipods in the shop and I could not believe the price of them. At times you really don't get what you pay for.

The Leather Doctor attended too and spent about one and a half hours working on the cut. There were glue smells, burning smells, paint smells and the end result is we can see where the cut was, but no one else would ever find it. Will the treatment last? She took photos to send to the company with a note that the repair was in a high wear area and should be monitored. Given the cut was on the couch that is only sat on by visitors, it will probably be ok. Good service by the Leather Doctor too.

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