Sunday, April 24, 2011

We may watch but.....

Hands up who is going to watch the Royal Wedding? As an avowed republican, of course I will. Maybe something will go wrong and be edited out later. But live watching will catch it. Perhaps Camilla will light up a fag in church? Maybe like Diana, Princess of Wales, this Katie will get names wrong.

I suggested to The Beauty Hunter that Australians imagine the English in awe of their royalty. Anyone with a knowledge of the English will know that is not true. I'd reckon half of them think of The Firm to be parasites on society.

I said to R the other day, who hails from England, that we should watch the wedding. Why, he responded. Because it the last time we will see an impending monarch marry. When he was very young he has a vague memory of street parties for Liz's coronation but he can't remember her getting married. Charles' and Diana's wedding was memorable. It was future monarch marrying. I never thought about seeing another. But now that time has arrived, well, it is very unlikely that I and perhaps you will see another. I discount Charles' and Camilla's wedding. I don't want to be cruel, so let me just suggest that a soulmate does not have to be attractive.

As usual, I steal from others to construct a post. The Beauty Hunter provided me with this picture, a sick bag for the Royal Wedding.


  1. Not sure if I'll watch, I'll be lazing about so maybe I will put it on for background noise.

    The younger Brits think that the royals are parasites but a lot of the older generations think they're awesome still.

  2. If the footy's on that's my preference. Not interested in some foreign tart marrying someone born to privilege even if he seems like he might be a good bloke.

  3. I can't wait to see the Occasion. What I think about the Monarchy is irrelevant. This will be a Magnificent Spectacle and I will be glued to the Television for the Entire Evening!!

  4. Eventually Australia will be a republic...thank heavens...but in the meantime I will watch the royal weddings and their funerals...the British do them so well.

  5. Not in a hurry to become a republic - considering the intelligence level of most current pollies - it could become much worse - and definitely cost a lot of money from us the taxpayers - but not because I have any loyalty to the Royals - if it ain't broken!!! Being an Australian first but with Irish heritage I certainly have no love for the Royals and that sick bag is a real hoot -

  6. I watched that fun video you had on your blog the other day. Is that not enough?

    I figure if something exciting happens at the wedding, someone will upload that bit to YouTube.

    I do wonder if my parents plan to watch it. Or has it already happened. When is this wedding? Well, I'll go look it up.

  7. "Perhaps Camilla will light up a fag in church?"

    Hopes so. I do love the smell of a burning Elton in the morning. :0)

  8. Damn you Sedgers, you beat me to a fag joke although I was going to volunteer our DrewAn.

    Of course I'm going to watch, it's a wedding with a dress and tiaras. I want to watch the trainwrecks the guests are wearing. Miss O'Dyne and I will not miss a single moment.

    One thing's for sure, the groom won't be pissed like mine was.

  9. Fergie and DrewAn will be sitting in the bleachers waiting for the match maid in heaven to fall apart - as it Will (pun intended) and screaming, "TOLD YA!"

  10. I'll have the wedding on if I remember, but it will be background while I'm on the computer and doing other things.

  11. Fen, like I watch most tv. Background noise.

    Nicely put Loz.

    Spectacle is a good word KN. That is what it will be.

    Victor, it is said no one does pomp like the English.

  12. It won't change the world MC. Given our pollies, which a president might come from, I with you.

    You are so right Dina. I expect phone cameras will be filming.

    That is homophobic LS. Lucky I know you aren't.....any more than anyone else.

    Ignoring first line Jah Teh. The groom does have a reputation though.

    Don't match me with that vixen LS.

    Same River, if I am home.

  13. I shall be watching in fact in my book it is the event of the year - I love weddings!!! and especially of the royal kind with all the pomp and ceremony!!

  14. The weather there does not look promising Dianne. Pity.


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