Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walking is quicker

There was an argument that supporters of public transport would use by saying 'look at all those people on trains, trams and buses. How packed the roads would be if they were all in cars'.

Now I am inclined to say look at all those people on bicycles. If they were all on our packed roads, trains, trams and buses, it would be a nightmare.

We have already suffered a significant decline in our lifestyle because of the huge expansion in Melbourne's population, without a match in the infrastructure to cope with the expansion. Yet, from our governments we hear little more than words. How can it be that new housing estates are built without the appropriate facilities and public transport? It is outrageous.

Now every time we have heavy rain, raw sewerage is released into our creeks by our water authority. Why is this happening? Might it be to do with the huge expansion in the number of properties and people in the inner to middle areas. The sewerage system just can't cope.

Every time we have heavy rain, our public transport and roads cease to properly function, with many roads flooded. Take the corner of Whiteman and Clarendon Streets in South Melbourne, a busy intersection for both cars and trams. It is a relatively new intersection yet it floods as regularly as it rains.

Front and back lawns in many homes have disappeared, along with water absorbing trees and plants. Is it any surprise that there is a lot of extra water to run off?

Has anyone actually thought about this? If they have, why wasn't it planned for?

Just to finish the ranty whinge, how is this one from Sydney. Can you believe they removed a bus only lane?

''Before we used to get into the bus lane straight after the Beecroft tunnel and we would just fly home,'' Ms Wood said. ''But now, rather than having 50 per cent of your journey sitting in gridlocked traffic, its 100 per cent of your journey.''
Oh, that link appeared automatically.

Ok, publish now, but guess what? We have just had 15mm of rain, that is just over half an inch and once again the intersection of Clarendon and Whiteman Streets has closed, causing massive inconvenience to tram travellers and perhaps cars.


  1. I was in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago to visit my parents in Melton. We went for a little drive in "the country" to see my sister's new house about 15 minutes drive away. As we passed the suburban fringe of Melton, mother pointed out x estate where they are building "4500 homes by the end of 2012", y estate where another 2000 are expected by December, and back home to their own semi-established estate where I counted at least 50 houses in various states of completion.

    As someone from "sleepy" Tasmania, it's terrifying to see that much growth (is it controlled?)...I can't imagine the knock-on effects for the rest of the city, but it sounds like you're seeing some of it first-hand.

  2. As a person who lives near a creek, I was unimpressed to find out about all the sewerage barrelling past my home. Especially, considering said creek has been toying with flooding twice in the last couple of months. There is so much else wrong with the way the drainage system works in Melbourne anyway. It is the 21 century and still we treat our waterways as toilets.

    Development in this city has gone mad. In Brunswick, they are just piling on the storeys, blocking the sun, building on narrow little streets. A nightmare. It is crap.

  3. 'Development' and 'Planning' are mutually exclusive concepts, and are not connected in any way to other 'policies'. For eg - carbon emissions are bad and evil, but developers are allowed to clear every last scrap of vegetation from the new estate? And marine parks are absolutely necessary, yet it's OK for developers to let stormwater drain right into them??

    I don't get it!

  4. It is controlled Me, but not to my way of thinking, hence I lie the blame at government. I hope you have room for me when it all gets too much. I can't decide between Lonny or Sandy Bay. Maybe there will be a cheap house for sale in Sandy Bay when a certain resident has to pay legal costs.

    LiD, I am often in Brunny and I see it. Seems the standard flat block can be quite tall and very cheaply constructed. Putting raw sewerage into your creek and sending it out into the bay is outrageous.

    I don't get it either Red. Some of what is happening can't be turned back. Correct me if I am wrong Red, but aren't our storm waters filtered down to cigarette butt size? Regardless, It think stormwater should be piped out to sea and not go into creeks. Oil, dog crap, god knows what else.

  5. Many times I've said, build or upgrade the infrastructure first, then build the homes for the people. Clearly I'm not saying it to the right people.

  6. Me either apparently River. They used to have the infrastructure to attract people.