Saturday, April 23, 2011

This week's flowers

Three weeks' flowers actually. I like the strong colours of gerberas, especially this variety that looks like it was sprinkled in gold.

Tulips. Are they in season? They are always in season somewhere.

The interesting thing about these gladdies is the the broken one. R was working at the sink when the flower fell. He said the crack was so loud it sounded like a snapping tree branch.


  1. Me missus copped a loud crack on the head with a gladdie many decades ago.

    It's what can happen to the innocent bystander if you're in the front row at a Dame (though I don't think she'd been Damed back then) Edna concert when she goes into her whirling dervish hurling gladdies into the audience routine.

  2. I prefer the massed colours of tulips growing in the fields. As a cut flower, I'm not a fan. The gerberas are lovely.

  3. LS, I recall someone wanting to take the Dame to court after being hit by a gladdy.

    Agree River, tulips don't make a great cut flower to arrange on their own in a vase.

  4. Anonymous10:41 pm

    I bought a mini rose (yellow), a lavender and 3 daisy (dark pink, light pink and white) plants this afternoon and planted them in pots. The balcony looks lovely and Spring-like now! Too bad it's raining...Btw, the cherry blossom festival started today but as the saying goes - there's nothing to see here. Maybe in another week. V.

  5. V,cool. Summer plants. What happened to the strawberry. If it disappeared, it wasn't me who et it.

    While I think they should go ahead, cherry blossom festivals are minimal this year. I just checked and webcam is not on.

    Don't eat the fish and don't smell the flowers.

  6. I love tulips - but they don't look like 'real' flowers!! Maybe that's what I like about them!!

  7. Perhaps Red, they are one of the hardest flowers to distinguish between fake and real.

  8. How lovely to have so many flowers at once.

    I had some gladioli too and wondered why they began to break. It is because as they bud up the stem, and the ones closer to the base die the weight transfers away from the support of the stem as it leans away in the vase. If they stay more upright they snap less often.

  9. Anonymous11:31 pm

    I've still got the strawberry plant, the cactus and the lambs ears! Just needed to replace the flowers that died off over winter.

    Apparently the city is paying to bus people (don't know how many)from the tsunami-affected areas to Hirosaki to see the blossoms. V.

  10. That makes sense P&C.

    V, you could offer accommodation to a visitor, on the couch of course.

  11. Wow Gerbras - a favourite of mine many years ago Don's mother a scary mother in law and very feisty has a backyard arguement re her gerbras - she had a couple of double headed gerbras (rare apparently) and came home one day to find them gone from her garden...a while later she noticed her plants were in her neighbours garden a blooming happily...a big fight ensued - can't recall the outcome - but on the night she died from a heart attack it was this neighbour - who sat with her till the ambo's came and talked to her - helped her to ring Don and have some last words with him - they were such enemies over small things but great mates when it came to the big things life throws at you...a good memory

  12. Good tale MC. I've certainly not heard of double headers. I was going to ask you a question, but I think I will frame it into a post.


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