Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday Time and Media Taking Control

I think I should write up a check list of clocks that need altering at the beginning and ending of daylight. It seems everytime I have turned around today, I have found another piece of smart technology that is not smart enough to correct itself. Ah, just remembered the car clocks will need altering too. Trouble is many of the things that need altering only get fiddled with twice a year and some methods are not exactly intuitive. I recall at the beginning of day light saving I tried to alter the remote for the aircon and rather than get the manual out, I gave up. I am pleased I did as it now correct. Soon R will be presetting it for some warmth for five minutes before he arises each working morning.

But things are better than they used to be. The new pvr and my mobile looked after themselves. I remember when a pop up used to appear on the computer monitor asking if I wanted to update to summer time or revert to normal time. Why wouldn't I pray tell? Well, one year, daylight saving beginning time was altered and I had to click no. Now the computer just does it, I assume by checking using the net.

I had a chuckle when I read on FB that the Malloy household was in disorder when both adult occupants individually moved the same clocks forward an hour. I wonder what it would be like to be two hours ahead? Very bright in the morning I should think. The Malloys are probably slipping into their pjs right now.

My worst daylight saving experience was when I travelled on a coach from South Brisbane, a very different South Brisbane to what it is now, to Melbourne on the weekend daylight saving started or ended. Queensland did not have daylight saving. Victoria and New South Wales did. By the time I arrived in Melbourne I had no idea of the time.

On a totally different subject, The Sydney Morning Herald has decided that as I am in Victoria, I wish to read Victorian news. Noooooo. Weird perhaps, but I go to the Victorian paper The Age to do that. When I go to the SMH, I want NSW news. I was getting damned angry until I realised there is a button to alter it to NSW.

Our media can be so exasperating. I only went to the SMH to see which Greens Party member had been elected and for which house, the upper or lower. I had to do this because ABC online news had made an error. Luckily an unofficial proof reader picked up the error. I expect an odd expression would come over a newspaper employee if you mentioned proof reader to them now.

Now to the Sydney's other newspaper, The DailyTelegraph. Although it is recognised as a rag, I find its obsession with gossip and your typical Sydney lowlife of interest. Last week the whole online appearance changed with no longer a link to click for local NSW news. I rarely read national or international online news and I certainly wouldn't do so at the Telegraph, but if I want to know which Ibrahim has shot who, then I want I want a link to local news without having to search everywhere. Seems others took the same view and a link has reappeared.

I wonder what I used to do with my time before I had to battle 'user friendly' technology so often?


  1. Sydney lowlife? You mean like me?

  2. Nah James. You are far too respectable. Of course I have not researched what you did at KKK before you became an old man.

  3. The Yabby Sea online news is increasingly becoming beyond parody. (Along with all nooks and crannies of the sloppy MSM) Not that I'm complaining. It keeps me on my toes - in a non Darcey Bussell-like pose I hasten to add.

  4. LS, from what I hear of uni student literacy levels, it could be or perhaps will be worse in the future.