Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I treasure the my blog mates and the relationships I have formed with them. I just won't wear that they are not proper relationships. They are to me. I feel pain when they disappear. I feel pain when a prospective blog mate is not really interested in me and what I write but just seems to comment once to build a list of blog contacts. That is not how it works for me. It is a mutual connection.

All I need to know is that you are reading what I write. Skim reading is fine. Roll your eyes heavenward and think, boring, that is fine. This post not to your tastes? Fine. Just whack in the occasional comment. You will be my friend.

A while ago I wondered about how many people do actually read or at least tune into my blog occasionally. Many would be from search terms, but some would be regular readers who never comment. Can't recall when, but I added a stat counter which gives simple numbers. I don't know if those who read via an rss feed are included. I suspect not. It is my second stat counter. I lost the first.

Let me check on the number now. 42, 416. Seems a lot but somewhat meaningless.

Recently I woke one morning to find that the previous night I had written down a random line of numbers. Must have been an evening preceding a day off, nudge nudge wink wink. I wrote the numbers in a single unspaced line.

3593523.3417/3 What?
After the cold hard light of day had its effect on me, I deciphered what I wrote.

35,935 blog hits at 11.34pm on the 17th of March.

Once I worked it out, I did another couple.

36,128 10.36pm 18th March.

37,427 10.39pm 23rd March.

Let me use the calculator machine.

Between half past eleven on the night of 17th of March and twenty to eleven on the night of 23rd of March, 5 days, there were nearly 1500 hits. That is 300 a day. Extraordinary.


  1. Maybe those stats reflect that you have an interesting and broadly (and blokely) appealing blog.

  2. It's not the love DrewAn, it's about the tossles, knobs and other bits.

  3. What LS? Not a couched barb at all?

    Well Jah Teh, the figures do rise, so to speak, when I mention such matters.

  4. As it happens my Barb is on the couch as we speak.

  5. oh I wish you had google analytics on your blog, then you could see who's googling what etc to get to your blog. Mine's got increased traffic, all people looking for vaginas. LMAO!

  6. Clever LS. Makes a change from you being on the fence.

    Is it free Fen?

  7. Congrats, you're doing right kiddo!

  8. Seems so Peter. Thanks.

  9. "I treasure the my blog mates and the relationships I have formed with them. I just won't wear that they are not proper relationships. They are to me."

    Me too.

    I must say that I'm bloody jealous of your stats though!

  10. I use StatCounter - it's free for the basics (which is all I want). I think it measures unique visitors as opposed to pageloads - don't know what the diff would be between the two.

    And who says they're not 'proper relationships'? In the old days, no one said a penpal wasn't a 'proper relationship' - what's the difference?!

  11. Agree - would be interesting to see if it's counting readers from Google reader etc. I generally read from Google reader, only coming to your actual site to comment. Like today! :)

  12. Andrew, they are big stats. Congrats! I read you mainly from g reader. I don't know how well site counters measure RSS. As for blog buddies, it is interesting how often I think of the bloggers I read, and even when I disappear for a while that doesn't change.

  13. Kath, most of the blog hits are probably me rereading and thinking how clever I think I am.

    Red, I have that too. I forgot about it. It amused me for a bit. Penpal is not a bad analogy, with the bonus that you can switch them off or on.

    Rae, your worst half should know. I would be interested to know. I too mostly read through a reader, although some force you to go to the blog to read in full. Like you, to comment, go to the blog. I do also if there are good photos.

    LiD, I can recall wondering what has happened to LiD? Has she been murdered. Now I don't wonder about your safety, but do wonder about you at times. Half the fun of blogs is the guess work about the author.

  14. yup google analytics is free, you just sign up and post the code somewhere (i forget where) and voila, after 24 hours or so it starts tracking things like magic. Half of it I have no idea about, but it's interesting to see where ppl are coming from and how and why.

  15. Sounds like what I have already Fen. I looked at for a while but don't bother now.

  16. Jeebus I am lucky to have two hits anytime - I write just really for myself

  17. MC, sometimes when I put a lot of work into a post and it receives no or perhaps one comment, I feel not so good. But then I tell myself, it is my diary, I am writing for myself.