Friday, April 22, 2011


I was quite happy with R's easter project but $196 for four, splutter, litres of paint? This better be good.


  1. ooh yes it is exxy. Luckily I have an uncle who paints, so i get trade discount, still not cheap.

  2. Paint!!
    What are you painting?
    I love painting.

  3. big cans of paint are $90.

    Do Google home hints for all the ways to erase the odours overnight, and think of Her Maj who smells fresh paint at every place she has to open, or re-open.

    Check The Age Editorial today on TRAMS.

  4. Fen, much as we may curse getting professional painters in, which we don't do, their charge is quite reasonable against paying full price for paint.

    River, two feature walls in the lounge room. The present colour does not work with the new lounge suite. You can see it back where I posted pics of the lounge suite. I am too tired to find it at the moment.

    That would be ten litres Ann? Water paint smell doesn't worry us. Oil paint does. Haha about Her Maj. Thanks for the Age tip.