Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

Saturday on the weekend of the Grand Pricks was departure day for our old lounge suite and arrival day for our newie. We have had our fair share of tradespeople visiting over the year past. I enter into a state of mild panic if I have to be home for a tradie visit. The cracked window saga just goes on and on. I am sure eventually our laminated window will be replaced with a toughened glass window, old tinting on that plane removed and new less absorbent and more reflective tint will be installed. We won't know now if the problem is solved though until next summer when once again the window receives the full sun and a blast of hot air from the air con.

Oldest niece and her partner were taking the lounge suite. I had been in touch with her via text during the week. 'Will we need a trailer or will it fit in a ute?' I had no idea. I replied with the lounge suite basic measurements. Moving furniture in our building requires the attendance of the building manager, canvas protection for the the walls and mirrors in the lift to be put up, the garage door to be locked open and the lift to be isolated so that it only travels from the ground floor to our floor. Someone else had booked the lift for 11.00am. I promised we could work around them. Minor state of panic that I had focused on for the preceding three days.

Niece and her partner arrived at 9.20, only twenty minutes late. Maaaaate, I said. The GP cars get noisier every year. No, he replied, quieter. They have reduced their engine sizes from eight cylinders to six, or something like that. My attempt at friendly idle chat had changed to an illustration of my ignorance.

The lad had a ute, not his own car. His own car a very flashy hot sporty Holden Commode or something like that. I am surprised it still has paint on the bodywork, given how much it's black paintwork is polished. I have always been rather fond of chrome and it has its fair share of the gleaming.

I was also concerned about carrying the old lounge suite, given R has a bad back and I am still a post surgery invalid. Funnily, removing the chrome legs took quite a bit of weight off it. We managed.

'Uncle Andrew', niece said. 'It is great that you have a lounge suite you are really happy with. This will be the last suite you buy. It is fine that you have spent lots of money'. Cheers bitch. Can one do pro rata wills? After the burial costs and the planned for reverse mortgage kick in, you may not get much hon.

Nieces partner was meticulously tying the suite onto his ute. At some point niece said, it looks like rain. Ropes were undone and and a tarp put over the suite and then retied. Although it was all going very well, I was feeling very stressed. Jesus christ, how many more ropes do you need. Just effingwell piss orf.

Called building manager to let him know removal was complete. What time is your new one arriving, he asked. 11.30, we had been told. Ohhh, I thought, building manager knocks off at 12. This is tight.

The new suite arrived at 11.33 and they were such nice English boys. They brought up the couch and then returned to get the chairs. At two minutes to twelve I called the building manager and told him our delivery was complete and not to hang around and I would let the lads out. He took me at his word, doors secured, lift protection put away and he was gone by 12.10.

But, as we were unpacking the couch from its two layers of plastic and one of cardboard while the lads brought up the chairs, we noticed a flaw in the one of the seats. It is not a rip, just a flaw in the leather but it is not good. How it could have possibly left the Sydney factory like that we do not know. We are still blueing over what we did or should have done about it. Refuse delivery and not pay? Take delivery and not pay and leave it with them to decide or pay and hope all will ok in time. At the end of the day, we paid the balance over the phone by credit card and had the assurance from the delivery guys that all would be fixed. Did I mention that they were nice English lads?

The lads wrote down an email address for us to send our complaint to and said we should include photos. The English aren't so good at email. Far too busy with facebook. But, as soon as I saw the email address to send the details of our problem to, an email address that did not contain @, I knew there was going to be problems. There are certain things I know about the internet, and the ignorant user is one of them. My second attempt at sending a corrected email address seemed to work in so far as it did not bounce back.

That was a Saturday. By Monday I had heard nothing back. Tuesday R called. Email received (so why not an acknowledgement?) and the lass said she would call him back within ten minutes. She wanted to use a company called Leather Doctor for repair, but Sydney manufacturer wanted to take the couch back and replace it. She did not call back. After twenty minutes he called her back. Sorry, the person who answered the phone said, she has finished work for the day and left.

The Highrise was not a pleasant place to be that evening.

R is ever so much better at dealing with things like this and dealing with tradespeople. I am too soft and trust tradies and et al too much. Bitch he said to me, metaphorically of course, you ring window replacement company tomorrow.

Err, I knew who he meant. It wasn't the last glass replacement company, nor the body corp manager, nor the two insurance companies we have dealt with, not the previous glazier or the tinting company, but the new glazier man. I did. Glass for your window will arrive tomorrow. We will call you. And so we will waiteth.

Back to the lounge suite. Leather Doctor will call us by Thursday. He did not. More phone calls. It is now decided LD will repair the fault. But when? We both work.

Effing christ, could anymore go wrong? Of course it could.

A recycling collection truck banged into R's car when it was parked at his work and spoilt his rear bumping bar. Maybe a workmate saw it happen, not sure. R did not but he knows. The timelines are so tight that it must have been the recycling truck.

R is dealing with all three things in a calm and controlled manner about ready to murder.

I'll leave out the blocked drain.

Ah, yeah, we are very happy with our new lounge suite. Except, the feature walls don't work and need to be repainted and the last hurrah timber furniture needs to go.

Later update: Window will be replaced on Wednesday afternoon and Leather Doctor is attending the same afternoon. Seems Leather Doctor is a woman.

Even later update: I had a cow of a day at work yesterday, culminating in me losing my MP3 player. It was only a cheapie, but still.

The oldie on the morning of its departure.

I had attempted to clean the arms and they were still damp. Hopefully they will dry out ok.

The flawed leather.

Yes, the chairs have footrests. Visitors who sit on the couch will have to make do with pouffes.


  1. I'm glad you purchased a lounge that matches the ball thingamy partially hiden in your photo or was the ball thingamy thrown in as a bonus extra?

  2. I've long argued to get rid of that ball Victor. Now Little Jo has decided she likes playing with it so it will be around for a while I guess.

  3. Nice!
    So, Uncle Andrew, you've bought all your final bits and bobs that will see out your lifetime, hmmm?
    *ducks and runs away*

  4. Good yarn! They look solid enough to last you for the rest of your life (hahaha)I mean what on earth can a poor old fellow like you do to such solid and long lasting chairs?

  5. I don't see how that couch could have passed inspection and need I mention that Mercury is retrograde until April 23 which means all communications are stuffed. I love it when astrology turns out right.

  6. Damn it, I'm signed in but had to sign in again to post this comment. Bloody blogger.

  7. It's gorgeous, love the colour. The Mercury retrograde thing is SO TRUE, Jahteh. Grumpy's kitchen renovations were going so smoothly until last week.

  8. Not quite Ro. I think I might replace some blogmates in the future.

    MC, not damage it much more than spill drinks on it.

    No one else can understand it either Jah Teh. T'was the stars wot did it hey.

    Thanks Ozfemme. Stay away from the reno area and don't offer advice.

  9. Nice lounge suite. I don't like grey, but that's a personal thing, the style is nice. That flaw should never have been allowed to leave the manufacturer, like JahTeh said. Can you hide it until it's repaired by flipping the cushion?
    Sad to hear about the mp3 loss.

  10. River, I believe they arrive in Australia from Asia, are inspected and then wrapped. It must have happened in the wrapping. Sadly the cushions are fixed and so can't be flipped or sent away for repair. The grey will look better once some bright cushions give it a lift.

  11. phew I think I need a lie down after reading that!
    Nice couch, I'm very jealous. I think that will be my next big thing I save up for, I want leather but in black to match my leather armchairs!

  12. Cheers Fen. I was easier for you to read than for us to live it.

  13. That's a terrible situation and it seems that furniture makers (amongst many other 'makers') seem to take the attitude of: 'maybe they won't notice'.

    Then, if you do, it's: 'Let's not call them back.'

    We had a similar problem with our leather lounge four years ago - arrived with four different chrome legs. "No, that what was specified on the order form," I was told. Yep, I'd like to have one square leg, one rounded leg, one chrome ball and one ski leg on my lounge!

    Still, you just keep on ringing. It might eat away your soul a tiny bit, but pester power wins out in the end. Oh and a good tantrum too!

  14. Kath, I believe you but four different legs is quite unbelievable. Yes, wear them down rather than you get worn down.

  15. Do the new chairs have any rocking capacity???

  16. No Ian, they DO NOT!

  17. Hehehe just winding you up : )

  18. It took me a second look at the comment before I realised that. Mind you.......rocking.....might be nice.