Saturday, April 09, 2011


I met a Norwegian couple tonight. One was Malaysian born. I rallied my full knowledge of things Norwegian in advance and all I could come up with was a Beatles song, fjords and Oslo sandwiches. I learnt about the sandwiches at school. They are high on the food pyramid. I think we used to call them Dagwoods.

One friend asked of them what a normal weekday cooked at home meal might be like for them. Herrings, I chipped in. No, they mostly cook Asian food at home.

The native Norwegian is a doctor and the Malaysian born Norwegian does some kind of social/poverty work. He is in Australia for a conference, after one in Botswana.

Hoho, he missed his flight from Oslo to London because his train was late. The trains are always late, he said. So much for superior European public transport.

Not only was he a quite a handsome guy, he was very friendly, had a good sense of humour and spoke excellent English. He speaks to his partner in Norwegian and he knows two languages appropriate to Malaysia.

Aren't we Australians who can stick a single word of French into a conversation and count to five quite pathetic. Quell merde.


  1. Anonymous6:49 am

    I know someone with a Norwegian Forest Cat...

  2. I would have thought herrings too; possibly the Asian partner is the one who cooks?

  3. A breed I've not heard of Scott.

    I think you would be right about who cooks River.

  4. i hate the fact that i don't know a second language. Especially given my Nan is italian. However she refuses to speak italian and never taught her own children :(

  5. Me too Fen. I was just listening today to people talking about whether they learnt their the language of their immigrant parents or not.

  6. You should have asked them about Norway's decision not to join the EU.

  7. Really? I wouldn't be setting myself up for an argument would I?

  8. Anonymous10:06 pm

    sure if we lived in europe which i think is the size of australia, surrounded by all those languages Im certain we would find it easier to speak another two or three languages just to get by. Unfortunately here we are stuck with the French film festival once a year and conversation mornings at the alliance francaise. not quite the same urgency, is it

  9. True Info. We don't have to learn another language to get by. That's the difference.


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