Monday, April 18, 2011

Mystery Tram Destination, the answer

I really like this photo of the route 67 tram passing The George Hotel in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. If you look hard you can just see the tracks of the Victorian Railways tram that travelled from St Kilda Railway Station into Grey Street and through Elwood on to Brighton Beach. Can you see the destination of the tram? It says St Kilda Beach via Dandenong Road. I don't know who to credit the photo to.

So yes, there was such a tram. I better do some research for details. Route 67 ran from the corner of Balaclava and Hawthorn Roads in Caulfield to the then route 16 St Kilda Beach terminus. It is likely that there was also a route 68 that ran from East Malvern terminus to St Kilda via Balaclava Road.

And if you are wondering what the present 67 route was, it was the 4. There was a 4E too that went from Carnegie to Elsternwick Station.

East Malvern to the City was the 4D.

Lordy, there was route 66 tram too, now Glenhuntly Depot from the City. It used to be East Malvern to Point Ormond. There was a tram line along Glenhuntly Road through Elwood to the beach at Point Ormond.

I getting overwhelmed by tram history. I'll leave it there. I'll just add that most of these routes disappeared in the early to mid 1960s. When St Kilda Junction was reconstructed, there was no longer a turn at St Kilda Junction into Fitzroy Street or the then High Street, so that may have meant the end of these beach services.


  1. I say, quite rude they never extended the tram system through to Oakleigh via North Rd like they advertised.
    Could have operated out of the Glen Huntly depot, shoot straight down North Rd to the beach, W class doors open on hot days with the breeze wafting through like Red Rattlers/Blue Harris trains *sigh*

  2. I sat at Southern Cross Station with my Aunt last afternoon. We were seated upstairs in the eatery, looking down onto the V/Line railway. We spied quite a few different style of trains there. We are both not up with the models and so forth, but we both agreed that the red rattler "looked" gorgeous, as did the steam train of yester-year, but that the newer model of trains are more comfortable, "Thank goodness!" my Aunt exclaimed, lol.
    I say this because, as you are examining the trams, and showing us lovely images of them going past beautiful buildings, my Aunt and I were comparing modes of travel and the changes she has noted in her 72 young years.
    My Pa used to work on the K class trains as an engineer, prior to his many years at the Munitions Depot. He classes those years as magical. Although they got dirty working on those engines, it was a happy-dirty lol

  3. Sadly Jayne, even if they had, it would not have lasted. Too car focused.

    Cazzie, the memories of your Aunt must be good. Blokes who were involved with steam trains worked very very hard.