Saturday, April 09, 2011

kd lang

I saw kd lang on tv the other night. I am not much one for singers. I like her and I can appreciate her talent. I wish she had sung one of her hits. I never go to music concerts but I would be so disappointed if a mega star like kd did not perform a major hit.

She doesn't seem to take herself too seriously, but then she is in a position that she can afford to do that.

The relentless promotion on radio of kd performing in the Iwaki auditorium at ABC Melbourne, Southbank was really getting on my nerves.

I don't know when the last time I saw her perform on tv, but it must be a long time ago. kd has changed quite a bit and is now, shall I kindly put it, not skinny.

Our friend in Japan is a kd lang fan. She is in Spain now, so of course she can't read my blog. Once I made a recorded cd of kd for our friend. It was in the late nineties and tech things weren't so clever then. I expect with great excitement she set the cd up to play..........and it didn't. A failed recording. A shiny silver drink coaster was my gift to her.


  1. You probably don't want to hear this, but the kd Lang concert at Southbank is replayed tonight from 6 on 774 digital.

  2. kd lang's music is not my preferred style, so I don't know any of her songs. I have heard that she's very talented.

  3. Quite correct James. I didn't want to know. Even I don't listen to ABC radio on a Saturday night.

    I bet you do know one or two of her songs River. Try this one,

  4. LOL @ James' comment :)
    I viewed kd lang singing on the morning show the other day. I, too, was surprised to see her weight has shot up. Then again, I cannot speak .. my weight goes up then down too.
    What surprised me more was the fact that she wore a suit.. but no shoes! I guess it is what makes her comfortable?

    As a side note, my kids make cds/dvds that no longer play into shiny fish mobiles :)

  5. Her recording of Leonard Cohen's Hallelluah is probably the best I've ever heard. It's on YouTube, treat yourself.

  6. Cazzie, I heard something like that she always sings with bare feet!!! I've seen those cd mobiles.

    I agree Jah Teh. It is brilliant.