Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just another Sunday

I worked both days of the weekend. No sooner home from work on Saturday than Chainsaw Niece called in. She is now eighteen and has her own double cab ute. She was going to stay the night with Dreaded Nephew at his abode in Carlton and he was taking her that night to The Lounge. That sounds like a nice relaxing place. Saturday night went out with friends for dinner and then back to one friends place in Caulfield for coffee.

R looked after Little Jo today for three hours while Sister went to a rugby match. Yuk. Bone Doctor arrived and Sister returned to collect Little Jo. They went on to Mother's and then to Bone Doctor's parents place to stay the night in a place Little Jo calls Kookaburra.

They were then going to camp at Wilson's Promontory, but unbelievable rainfall washed much of the Prom facilities away, so instead they have rented an apartment at Phillip Island for a week so that Sister can relive her childhood holidays.

I did not see Little Jo, but I left her a lollipop taped to a piece of paper with the words Little Jo's Traveller printed in large cursive script pink writing. Pity she can't read.

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