Thursday, April 07, 2011

Just another Sunday


Saturday 13.30 I was at work. Bone Doctor dropped Sister and Little Jo off at home and went on to Mother's to do some shopping and odd jobs for her as ABI Brother is holidaying in New Zealand and then went on to be the doctor in attendance at a football match.

14.00 Sister, R and Little Jo hop on tram to go to the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show.

16.30 Sister leaves garden show to meet a friend for dinner and then go on to a Melbourne Comedy Festival performance. R and Little Jo come home.

18.00 Little Jo gets pizza for dinner.

20.00 Andrew arrives home and eats some pizza followed by Saturday night, day off tomorrow Scotch.

20.45 Sister arrives.

21.30 Bone Doctor arrives. Little Jo is put to sleep.

23.00 Sister and Bone Doctor go to bed.

00.00 R and yours truly have noticed the whiskey bottle is empty. Change last clock for the night. Not sure which direction. Perhaps a case of try to spring forward but probably falling backwards.

Sun 05.30 Hear Little Jo open R's bedroom door. Damn. I meant to explain daylight saving to her. Hear softly ABC for Kids on tv.

6.30 I arise feeling less than fresh. Attempt to catch up on computer stuffs.

7.30 The rest of the highrise start to awake.

8.00 Showered and R cleverly bought croissants for breakfast.

8.45 Sister departs with Bone Doctor to deliver BD to her class.

9.15 Sister returns. I attempt to catch up on computer stuffs.

10.30 Start mentally counting the hours I have spent in the last day hovering in the kitchen trying to keep dishes and mess under control.

10.35 Sister goes to 7/11 to buy Sunday tram ticket. She buys one and as she puts it into her purse, she realises she has two old unused ones.

10.40 Board tram to the State Library in the city to attend Children's Book Festival.

11.50 Break for lunch at QV.

12.20 Return to festival to see Coco's Lunch.

13.30 Back home.

15.00 Sister drives away in Bone Doctor's truck to go to MCG football match.

16.30 Bone Doctor returns from her class with a friend who was driving her and collected Little Jo home.

16.35 Andrew and R pour themselves a large glass of wine each and collapse into their new recliner chairs.

This bloke at the children's book festival was very tall.

Mr Alan Brough who is very assuredly from Kiwiland presents ABC Radio Melbourne's and ABC Victoria's Sunday morning show was broadcasting from the library. Amazing. They used to need a caravan. Now technology can cut out the noise around.

We stepped inside to the 'activity' area. Sister ran into a friend from Fitzroy who reminded me awfully of ex Democrat leader Lynn Allison. But this woman was a Green person. I read Little Jo a book. There were lots of books spread around. I really wasn't in the mood, but Little Jo paid great attention to Ugly Norm or something like that. Correct me about Ugly Norm if you know.

I have been to the Latrobe Reading Room in the library. I did not know that you can go up into the galleries. There was a fantastic exhibition about early Victoria there. I had to laugh when I spied a 16th century edition of the Torah beside a 17th century edition of Koran. Ok, it was something politically correct like Q' Ran. I or we will just have to go back to pay proper deference to the exhibition as Little Jo was in a run away mood and pleaded to go back downstairs where the other kiddies were.

R took Little Jo to some activities and then we all sat to watch the marvellous Coco's Lunch, a children's predominantly vocal group.

Overview of the Latrobe Reading Room.

The reading room dome.

The galleries and books that you have to request and wear gloves to read.

There are now modern stairs and lifts and the old staircases are blocked off with discrete Perspex panels.

Coco's Lunch in action.

I believe this was the inaugural Children's Book Festival. It seemed very successful and I expect it will be much busier next year.


  1. I know nothing except the Kiwi chappie who has an accent and brain almost matching that of Stephen Fry.
    Oh, and the State Library.
    I need a good lie down after reading that lot!

  2. Nice to see you getting the hang of taking photographs that have people in them.

    Those individuals listening to the radio broadcast seem especially good subjects for photography, in my humble opinion.

  3. You fit as much into that weekend as I would in six months! Put your feet up and relax now.
    I love that reading room.

  4. I'm exhausted just reading it. But I still have some strength to back track through your blog until I get to your ranty Macca's post as mentioned on River's blog!!

  5. yes, me too and I am resting in the deck chair next to Jayne's.
    Some of us grogbloggers went to the library gallery when Ampersand Duck came down to curate an exhibition of old books there. It was beautiful.
    Sis and BD sure are Time-management Wizards, but without you two they would be rooned. How clever is Lil Jo to know the sound must be low on kiddie dawn TV.

    make sure to restock your restorative wine supply before their next onslaught.

  6. Smart he is Jayne, but I am not keen on his voice.

    Damn people and kids spoiling my photos. I didn't notice him at the time Victor, but not bad.

    Reads worse than it was I think River.

    Red, I would find bouncing along dirt tracks exhausting. I should have had the Mac skewers.

    Emstacks, one day life will settle down and we might have time to get bored. But not yet. Household management is in charge of wine supply.