Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I see Deco #2

So, I walked along Peterleigh Grove in Essendon and what a fine street it is. Many of the houses had small pieces of art deco decoration or style. The street is more a great display of brick houses constructed in the 1940s and 1950s. Some would be solid brick and some brick veneer. I tried to choose just one to show you but I couldn't. What I will show you is a nice clinker brick house with a very unusual chimney. I hope Jayne likes the chimney.

Ah what the heck. Jayne is having a hard time of it. These are very fine art deco chimneys.

Later edit: I forgot to say that I put most of the photos up here.


  1. Peterleigh Grove is one of the best Art Deco streets in Melbourne ... no the world.

  2. I like that first chimney, but I've never liked those big curved roofs in the second picture. I like the curved windows, just not the roof. Unless the whole building is curved. Am I making sense?

  3. Anonymous6:40 pm

    A very Melbourne street.

  4. They really wanted to make a statement with that chimney.

    Those round curves in brick and glass you normally see more on higher buildings, instead of the 'bungalow' style.

  5. And thanks for letting me know about it David.

    I understand River. It is about geometry and proportion.

    It Scott. Probably nothing like it in the world.

    Ann, going, going, gone.

    That first chimney is just very odd Peter. There are a few bungalows around with curves. My grandparent's house that my father built had lovely curved glass windows.

  6. Back again without the tpyo in my link to Melbourne blogger Petticoats & Chrome - worth a visit for her deco ceiling alone.

  7. Thank you Ann, for your kind directions to Peterleigh Street, and your little earmark to my blog ...

    Andrew, I had a look at the whole posting. They are so beautiful. (I slowed the slide show right down.)

    They are so homey and comfortable looking.

    Like you said the chimney tops on the 'round house' have lovely detail, and even the little garden gate is cute.

    You have inspired me to post some of my home outside. I am just about to move ... and am so very excited that I managed to find another Deco darling. She is smaller but I love her already. As long as I have a little yard for my puppy and beautiful ceilings, I am a happy girl.

    Thank you again Andrew. It shall be lovely to revisit them.

  8. Exterior perspective of Ascot Cinema, Union Road, Ascot Vale, Victoria [picture].
    Part of the collection: Eric Milton Nicholls collection.; Purchased from Marie and Glynn Nicholls, 2006.;
    Theater architecture -- Victoria -- Essendon -- Photographs.
    Theaters -- Victoria -- Essendon -- Designs and plans -- Photographs.

  9. Worth the effort Ann, thanks.

    Hi P and C. Do yourself a favour and take a slow stroll along Peterleigh Grove. There is much to be seen that photos don't capture, such as the quietness for a start. Moving from one art deco place to another? Luxergy.

    Ann, is it still there? Glynn Nicholls? Pate Biscuit?

  10. Perhaps should have asked was it ever built?

  11. Ann,
    You know just where to find everything! Imagine going into that monolith. Imagine all the detail inside. Deco (and nouveau)architecture makes me a little naughty, just like chromed up cars. Thank heavens they are in public spaces, otherwise I would have a reputation.

    I may have to take a little stroll down PG when I have semester break. Can you imagine living there? I would INSIST on street tea parties, once a month perhaps. We would have to dress up.

    They really should have a little street-fest, or something, so we can all come and share the Deco-devotion.

  12. A street party would be good. All residents have something in common, their beautiful houses. I will take my partner there one day for another walk.

  13. Good memory Hot Andrew - Pate Biscuit was hilarious and clever and was my first thought also, but maybe that was G NicholAS ?

    The great Deco theatres of the 30's were such a distraction from The Depression for people struggling.
    Threepence got you a Thin Man movie with gowns and tuxedos in a soaring venue.
    Now we distract ourselves from The New Depression (radiation threat) by connecting to the interwebz.

  14. You are probably right about Glyn. Not sure about distracting ourselves with the net though. A single click can bring up to date information about who is going to get fried.