Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I see deco #1

I've always been fond of Art Deco architecture, furniture and fittings. If you are familiar with High Street Glen Iris, not too far after the railway station outbound there is a park on the right as the road curves and then at number 2, the first block, is a two storey brick house. About 1990 it was for sale and R and I looked at it with a view to buy. It was pretty well in original condition and so, somewhat run down. But being in original condition meant that it had retained its Art Deco features, including a marvellous sweeping staircase. The cost of the house plus renovations was a bit too much for us.

So, simmering away in the background has always been my liking of art deco. Partly but not just because of this marvellous blog,, my knowledge ofand appetite for art deco has increased. In Melbourne's older areas, now that my eye is a little trained, there is so much art deco, or perhaps I should say homage to art deco on buildings.

Still on buildings and architecture, I grew up with cream brick houses of the 1940s and 1950s. Some were solid brick. Some brick veneer. I am rather fond of them too.

I am getting to a point. Be patient.

David of the earlier mentioned blog posted a picture of a brick veneer house in Essendon that had some art deco trim. He said it was one of the best cream brick streets in Melbourne. I commented that I might take a walk along the street and have a look. Some time later, I did. Wow, I was gobsmacked. There were fantastic brick houses, many with art deco features.

But first I had to get there and as you probably know, I have an aversion to simply driving somewhere when I can make it a public transport experience. I looked at the map and chose my modes. I caught the bus to town and then the 59 tram in Elizabeth Street. It was quite a pleasant trip. That is when I took the photo of the older lady on the tram while she was texting.

I alighted from the tram at the corner of Fletcher and Nicholson Streets and immediately an art deco building smacked me in the face. This look promising.

I wandered along Nicholson Street. These are not art deco. Where are the art deco buildings and cream brick houses? Still, these are very nice. I am not in the street of focus yet.

This one is on a steep hill, hence the lean. :-P

Ah, so this is Penleigh Grammar. PM Julia's Building the Education Revolution doing I presume.

And this at Essendon Primary School's BER effort.

The grounds of the Essendon Cricket Club. Surely it is not Windy Hill?

A ring in. I don't mind it.

I iz hungry. Time for a fine blueberry muffin and good coffee at what I think is called MJ. I can recommend.

More coming when I show you some photos of houses in Peterleigh Grove, Essendon.


  1. I love the house with the lean, a few gins and it would even up for me.
    I do loves me a balcony.

  2. We lived in a house with a lean Jah Teh. We were always worried it would get worse. A g&t on the balcony would be delightful.

  3. is it really Juliar's place?

  4. Naughty MC. Must treat our PM with respect.

  5. Andrew, I believe that first deco house was designed by Harry Winbush and he also lived there. A great looking house.

  6. A fine example David. Sorry for the delay.