Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Graffiti comes in many shapes and sizes. Look at my photo of the water wall in Collins Street. It has been graffitied, not by paint or textas, but by autumn leaves. The graffiti scum have taken to arranging dead autumn plane tree leaves on the wall to make letters. For some reason the leaves stay there.

Jodie loves Bryce indeed, with a heart.

Lock 'em up I say.


  1. At least they're just using leaves.

    My nemesis needs to have that thick black texta inserted up his left nostril and pulled out again. Repeatedly.

  2. Kath, I really liked the last comment from Anon on your post.

  3. Oh yeah, today's effort it was a peace sign, the peace sign that was around in seventies. What youngun would know that? Ask your daughter if she knows the peace sign that looked like a Cortina tail light? Autumn is for a short time and the supply of leaves will soon dry up.