Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gambling is evil

Thou christ said unto thee, do not play electric gambling machines.

I disobeyed christ and ever since we have had poker machines in our state, I have played them. I would estimate I play ten times a year. I usually only play for five minutes or so as I find them pretty boring. I habitually insert five dollars and lose it or double it. If I double it, I take the money. Sometimes I have done better than doubling my money, if the wind is blowing in the right direction.

In the early days of poker machines, I kept a record of my gambling. For the first five years I was just in front using my method. Now I am well down to the tune of nearly a hundred dollars at a guess, over maybe fifteen years. It troubles me not.

I must be rather a disappointment to the poker machine gambling industry. It is not from the likes of me that the gambling industry make their money. They make their money from people who lose a lot of money. Many of these would be 'problem gamblers'.

In New South Wales which has had the evil machines for much longer in clubs, the profits made in clubs really do go back to members by the way of subsidised food and entertainment and facilities.

In Victoria, most of the pokie profits disappear into that government black hole known as 'consolidated revenue'. I have no problem with that. I am quite happy for fools to pump up the state coffers to improve our services.

I would estimate that the late Dame M, some of you long term readers will remember her, put well over $200,000 in to pokie machines. Her money. She could do as she liked. She sold two inner Melbourne properties that possibly went through the machines. She disappeared once from Friday to Monday. The ever caring casino rang her boarder to let him now she was in their care and was being well looked after with a bed for the night, a very nice bed we learned subsequently. Not too long after a very smart large screen tv was delivered to her house from the casino. Maybe she won and made a profit but given the care the casino took of her, I suspect not. Most pokie players tell you of their wins.

At her local hotel, Dame M was waited on hand and foot. There must have been a good reason for that.

Just before Dame M decided she was going to die, she took out a reverse mortgage on her own property. As far as I know, the only money of it she spent was on new air con for her living area.

I can only conclude that had poker machines been around earlier in Dame M's life, she may well have ended up broke. Given she was a smart person, I am not sure how she got the gambling bug. I can only think what good she could have done with her money instead of giving it to these gambling places. Ha, she could have given it to me to spend wisely. I could then afford top top shelf.

Clearly gambling places don't make their profit from the likes of me who stick in five dollars. They make their money from problem gamblers. Yet, apparently the gambling institutions are also against problem gamblers, the ones who they make their big money from.

Excuse me if I am a bit confused.

Ex Premier Joan Kirner was a decent fish, but boyoh, did she make a mistake with gambling machines.

While I never made the historic bus trip to the border to gamble, many I know did. Bring it back and get rid of the machines from Victoria.

Australian population, 20 million. Regular gamblers, 5 million. Two per cent problem gamblers perhaps? That is 100,000 problem gamblers.


  1. I've played the pokies maybe 3 times in my life! Ha ha ha. I find them so dull.

    I remember once catching an airport bus from a gambling venue at 5am on a weekday and seeing all those who can't leave the place sitting like zombies, losing their savings. Horrible.

  2. Fen, more miserable people you never see other than those sitting in front of a pokie machine. If it was fun, why do they all look so miserable.

  3. Maybe they're miserable because they don't DARE leave their 'lucky' machine even to take a pee - apparently peeing into a cup or directly onto the (luckily padded) seat is a fairly common solution.

  4. Just lovely Red. I'd rather they did it on a non padded seat where it could be washed off rather than it soak into the padding.

  5. Well, I'd actually rather they didn't do it at all ... I'm funny like that!!

  6. Pokies don't interest me but do take the $2 lottery weekly - someone close to me won it ...twice!!!!!!

  7. A whole $2 MC! You are as cheap as I am.