Saturday, April 02, 2011


I am somewhat preoccupied about the dad who threw his daughter to her death off our Westgate Bridge. He has been found guilty of the crime. I mentioned about how finally the mother broke down in court to R, and he said, too horrible to talk about.

R is right. There is nothing to say. It is just too awful.

Today I read of Spanish police charging the parents of committing a crime because their daughter died from a lack of nutrition. Good that they were charged.

If you have a dog, you know how they implicitly trust you. Gawd, you can even beat them and they will still love you. The human, the pack leader, is never wrong.

And so it goes for the parents of a young child. The parents are never wrong in the child's eyes. As Darcy looked into her father's eyes for the last time, she could have never imagine what he was about to do. She did not cry out on the way down. There was no reason to. As she sailed downwards, she still trusted her father. Maybe it is a good thing that she never learnt anything different.


  1. Sad and shocking.

  2. Dear little Darcey feels no pain now. The serious victims are the witnessing siblings who will never get over the whole damn thing.
    Also the person driving on the bridge who saw him do it and saved the other two from the same fate. they are still having nightmares.

    I take a small comfort from knowing the others in the slammer will kick the shit out of him.

    The scum who tortured Daniel Valerio was very recently up for parole if you can believe it - the family had to object or our idiot government would have proceeded.

  3. I simply cannot think of anything to say.

  4. Marshall Stacks - that one you mentioned got let out, damn it all.
    Horrible, just sheer, freakin horrible.
    Kill himself, not the kids, too f'kn selfish.

  5. I've looked into the trusting eyes of my own small children many times.
    I'll NEVER understand how anyone can look into such trust and then hurt or kill that child.

  6. I can not reply to comments. It is now history. May it not repeat itself.