Monday, April 04, 2011

Dandenongs Pt 2

From the outskirts of Olinda we went to Mount Dandenong, which we can see from home. The businesses have had an up and down past but it is very much on the up now. At one time there was almost nothing there and what was there was almost derelict. It is a great spot to visit now.

Red and black always work well together.

Our friend took us this spot with a nice view at Kalorama.

And we turned around and saw this restaurant with the same fine view.

Lastly we stopped by at the Hamer Arboretum. It started to pour rain so we headed for home.


  1. For those readers who have not sat at the Mt Dandenong lookout, let me tell you that the vista of Melbourne's 120-kilometre wide urban spread from Berwick to Melton is frightening.
    Yes indeed, all very Silvan, and that Kalorama cafe has crocheted afghan rugs on the deck chairs for winter warmth. I have lived on that road in a winter storm where trees were crashed across the road and the power was out for 3 days of non-stop rain (the year Gippsland was flooded) and when the Lilydale SES finally cut up the tree across the driveway they said to me "anyone who lives here is mad, get out now" and I leaped into the car just as the 2-storey house at the back of my block was totally flattened by 3 huge trees crashing down. tremendous noise.

    But a lovely day trip in Autumn, no doubt about that.

  2. Hi Andrew - This is my first time visit to your blog - Sounds like a great day out and I loved the Arthur Streeton print - it's always been a favourite of mine.
    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  3. Lovely.
    Last time I saw it I was on a bus whipping up and down the mountain at a great rate of knots, blink and miss the view.

  4. Emstacks, interesting info as always. Is there anywhere you have not lived?

    Hi Dianne, welcome. I like Streeton's work too, and he doesn't come with all the fuss that many of our artists did.

    Jayne, pretty dismal up there in the middle of winter.

  5. next week Stacks is in a new place - Navigators. this year she has woken up in at least 7 different locations.

    When The Dandenongs are good, they are very good though. I saw a lyrebird in a gully at the National Rhododendron Gardens.

  6. "this year she has woken up in at least 7 different locations."

    Likewise I'm finding it hard to find a bed that's comfortable. :0)

    (Navigators - you should be able to get your bearings.)

  7. Seven different places but always on your own I assume? Had to check, near The Rat.


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