Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Come to Melbourne Dina

Dina lives in the US and she is far from our stereotypical view of Americans. She is well read and reasonably well travelled and has been to Australia twice. She is extremely well informed about modern Australia and our history, as is her husband and son.

But Dina has a flaw. She has not been to Melbourne. She has been to northern Tasmania, travelled NSW and of course stayed in Sydney. Naturally she likes Sydney. What tourist would not. But how could we sell Melbourne to Dina and get her US dollars down here in Melbourne rather than Sincity?

She is not interested in our over-rated lane way bars, although the cafes might appeal. She isn't interested in high fashion label shops. I can't see Chadstone high on her list. What could Dina, Tim and son Jack do if they stayed in Melbourne for a week. I have some ideas, as does she. But what are Melbourne's selling points?


  1. Anonymous2:23 pm

    to me melbourne is port phillip bay ...try chelsea, sorrento, portsea, great ocean road...

  2. Dina MUST be all good - she follows my blog and has even included me in one of her posts!! But as for Melbourne? I've not really 'done' it myself - so to me it's a gateway to the rest of OZ!!!

  3. Info, I think Great Ocean Road is on their list. But the others are good. I forget about our local beaches.

    I must have missed your moment of fame in Texas Red.

  4. I'm so touched that you wrote this whole post about our upcoming trip. And I'm even more touched that you know me so well.

    I'm actually getting much more excited about Melbourne.

    I saw this great video about why Melbourne is the perfect walking city. That really sold me.

    I'm very excited. I'm probably more worried about fitting everything in than not having enough to do.

  5. Oh yeah....also....

    Thanks for saying nice things about me : )

  6. Arts, Culture, Great Ocean Road, Halls Gap, The Grampians, The Dandenongs.... and, us people :) We have it all... just like Boney and Mccall :)
    Just look at my history blog... I know it is lacking in posts of late.. but there I have written alot about Victoria- Melbourne :)

  7. Red Nomad got it right. Sell Melbourne as the gateway to Sydney!


  8. Gotta sell our city Dina. But I better not oversell it.

    For sure you have written quite a bit of history Cazzie. You should write more. It is not as if you have much else to do.

    Victor, Melbourne is always visited after Sydney and what a relief it is for our overseas visitors.

  9. I love Melbourne but have only ever visited - as an outsider i notice that in the suburbs i have been in - in general the drivers don't seem as manic as in Sydney. I like the flat streets - some are really wide and some have really wide footpaths with lots of outdoors tables to watch the people go by from. because I love the coolness of your winters better than the mildness here(love the cold weather) but it can get very hot. I love Port Phillip bay and the park on the south Melbourne side - - Its more "interesting" than Sydney - the Art galleries" the gardens near South Melbourne - And unlike where I live close to there are always things to do even if you are broke. Just walking about in Armadale and looking at the mansions near where my daughter used to live was great - she is at Point Cook now

  10. Road trip to Sorrento then across the bay by Ferry and lunch in Queenscliff, drive to Point Lonsdale to see how narrow The Rip really is.
    Check the Great Ocean Road to see if it is open where the slides were or go inland to Colac (O'Dyne would know) turn left and hit the road where the interesting bits are, do Warrnambool marine museum then stay in Port Fairy.

  11. Forgot the Otway Tree climb, the bridge above the ground through the tree tops.

  12. MC, you are right. So much can be done for free in the right area. Walking in Point Cook would be a bit different to Armadale.

    The ferry is a good one Jah Teh. Not sure if they will hire a car, so it would be quite a trip by public transport. Stay overnight on either side. We want to do the tree top walk too.

  13. arts n culture n stuff

  14. We've certainly got a lot of that Fen.


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