Friday, April 15, 2011

Bye bye

This is a bit icky. I am removing a 'Follower' from my follower list. He made a comment on a post, irrelevant to the post, and started following me. I replied politely, but then I realised he is very religious. He is clearly up for collecting followers without knowing who he is collecting. Given his overt religiousness and my hatred of religion, I don't think his blog and mine and compatible. Poof, he is gone.

Well, not so poof. It is not so easy to remove a follower, but done now.

Comment was here.


  1. I follow a lot of blogs but there's a couple (not yours, Andrew dear) that I'd like to stop following but bloody blogger doesn't make it clear how I do it....

  2. Well, here you have a good substitute for the bad follower you've just removed: an atheist gay guy from Spain in his middle thirties...

  3. I think those kind of followers are really just trying to get people to go visit their own blogs where they can proselytise. I used to remove them from my list, but don't usually bother now. But I also don't go visiting their blogs...

  4. One of the guys from MSN chat used to trot over to the Christian rooms and start massive shit storms then drag the whole ugly mess back to the room I helped moderate.
    I had many gettin' thee behind me, Satan-ing *snort*
    Could be a reverse of that...or not.

    I was surprised you were getting rid of Fen, Kath and moi :P

  5. Oyy Jayne... I used to moderate an MSN room :-) Long time back now!

  6. You managed to get rid of him? Well done.

  7. You managed to get rid of him? Well done.

  8. ha ha Jayne we haven't been trolling hard enough.
    Just checked his blog out, 105 comments on a dead set boring post? Geez.

  9. How sweet Kath. I have a booked marked dashboard that I go to to write, but your basic dashboard has a google friends link to the far right where you can edit your google friends.

    Late night here Inq. I will take a look at your blog tomorrow. Happy to have you on board.

    Quite so KN. It was no problem getting rid of him, but there are some who have good blogs, but just seem to try to collect readers.

    Jayne, I like that he used to cause probs in christian chat rooms, but not that he put it on other peoples. Nothing personal about the deletion Jayne, shit happens.

    KN, danger of wallowing in history. Leave that to me.

    Yep River. Google is my friend.

    Fen, you put more effort into him than I did.

  10. Kath,

    It's kind of complicated. You go to your dashboard. At the bottom it says "Manage". You click that, get a list of blogs, and then you choose the blog you want to stop following and click Settings. Once you get to that page, there's something that says "stop following this blog."

    I'm probably confusing you more. I'm not good at explaining things. Sorry!

  11. The worst comment I ever got was some company trying to sell toothpaste.

  12. Thanks Dina. I misread what Kath said.

    AdRad, those spams that seem legit are annoying.

  13. I got de-followed by a redneck American who liked my blog buy hated my gay-loving posts. I rather hoped he got oil-slicked since he was in those parts.
    He was also one for looking at women in shorts wearing high heels unless it was his wife.

    I don't follow anyone officially but you know I'm out there spying on yer.

  14. Yeah,

    I'd get annoyed with comments that are just spams, too.


  15. Immigayrant, it seems to be bloggers occupational hazard. The spam filter catches most of mine, and the occasional proper comment.

  16. Jah Teh, your pro gay rights was one of the first things I learnt about you. Hard to imagine he did not.

  17. Poof he is gone or pooufee he is gone...I sit nightly on a small square leather pouffe and with no complaints at all at all -